MPA Top 100 broker shows why being tech savvy matters

His clients were able to reduce their mortgage principal balance by more than $560,000 in just 31 days

MPA Top 100 broker shows why being tech savvy matters

Ongoing financial coaching and an accountability model with direct access to guidance is what Infinity Group Australia director and 2017 MPA Top 100 Broker finalist Graeme Holm believes sets his business apart from other brokerages.

“By using a CX-focused service offering that fosters relationships with clients, and by reporting performance to them on a weekly and monthly basis, we have seen Infinity Group really stand out from several of its competitors,” Holm told MPA. “This open, honest communication and ongoing customer relationship builds strong financial habits for consumers.”

Investing on the right tools
Infinity has invested significantly in fintech, such as My Prosperity, to provide their clients with storage for all their financial information, while giving financial service professionals, such as accountants and junior planners, access to that active data. 

This has enabled Infinity and its financial coaches to monitor and track financial habits, and to engage with clients within a business day if a concern arises. Infinity’s clients receive a written detailed monthly performance report, containing advice on how to reduce home loan principal in the quickest possible way. Holm’s team finds Ezidox instrumental in improving a previously clunky process of chasing supporting documents from clients.    

Holm gathers his team weekly and monthly to assess data from My Prosperity, VOW Net, Voice of the Customer and other platforms to ensure they’re not merely meeting client expectations, but exceeding them.

“We are constantly researching and exploring new technology options to automate, simplify and improve our customer experience, which in turn drives productivity and performance. We find customer outcomes and results drive productivity and performance,” Holm said.

Because of the firm’s ability to deliver exceptional service through the resourceful use of technology, Holm and his team have been honoured with multiple awards, including being named one of the most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Last August, in just 31 days, their clients were able to reduce their mortgage principal balance by more than $560,000. Some clients were able to pay off over $10,000 principal in just 30 days.

Innovation never stops
Despite already employing several digital platforms, Holm’s team remains focused on making sure its digital arsenal is at pace with the rapidly evolving financial market in order to deliver the best customer experience possible.

“We have affectionately titled our team members and clients as ‘financial family members’. We will continue to abide by our client-centric approach and ensure that we never settle and are never satisfied with the service we offer clients,” Holm said.

“We want to ensure that we don’t diminish our service offering by attempting to grow unsustainably.”

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