Happiest clients: The need for a back-up plan

Find out why this award-winning broker never fails to have this five-minute conversation with his clients

Happiest clients: The need for a back-up plan

Robert Trewin, an AMA 2017 Broker of the Year – Insurance (Mortgage Protection and Life) and a managing director of his own brokerage, met a client in 2016 looking to purchase a home. Trewin went through the whole loan process with his client, including discussing loan protection as part of his needs analysis.

The client had never heard of loan protection before, and wasn’t keen on spending more. But Trewin managed to help him see its importance, and had the loan protection set up for him in the end. The client didn’t think much about loan protection after that.      

About a year later, the client was back in Trewin’s office to request financial help because he had stopped working after suffering a heart attack four months earlier. His savings were on the brink of running dry.

Trewin made phone calls to have his client’s loan protection arranged. As he helped his client complete the appropriate paper work, they discovered that his client was eligible for a $40,000 payout. The client didn’t know until that moment that his loan protection covered health cases such as the one he’d just suffered.

Trewin told MPA that his client is forever grateful for taking the time to explain loan protection. “My home loan was only small yet Robert treated me like it was for a million dollars, and ensured I was going to be looked after in case something happened,” his client said in a letter.   

Trewin advises his fellow brokers to never make decisions on behalf of clients. “Ensure that you discuss loan protection as part of your needs analysis. That five-minute conversation can literally change someone's life,” Trewin said.

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