Facing the big questions at Friday's MPA Aggregator Roundtable

Despite the ongoing regulatory scrutiny, one aggregator head says there's no reason to be afraid

Facing the big questions at Friday's MPA Aggregator Roundtable

Outsource Financial CEO Tanya Sale is calling on brokers to take a good look at their businesses and be ready to adapt and be agile as the regulatory environment changes amidst government reforms.

Those who fail to do so might not last in the industry, Sale told MPA. “I think what we see now is not going to be [the same] in twelve months’ time,” she added.

Sale is one of seven aggregator heads who will sharing their thoughts on the major issues facing the broking and finance sector during a live-streamed panel on MPA’s website on Friday, 11 May. The other panellists include representatives from Choice, Connective, FAST, Plan, Specialist Finance Group and Vow.

Keeping it in perspective
Sale believes that the biggest issue facing brokers and aggregators at the moment is the unknown. “It’s a minefield out there. …That’s why it’s imperative to keep things in perspective.”
But she sees no reason for brokers and aggregators to be afraid, just as long as they focus on providing customers with exceptional service and education.

Sale also believes aggregators are at the forefront of ensuring that the industry remains strong as they begin to implement industry changes based on the CIF reforms.

“Aggregators really just have to look at building additional processes and systems to cater to these changes,” she said.

Cultivating partnership
For Sale, one of the biggest roles aggregators play in the current broking environment is being a partner. 
In her organisation, broker members are treated as business partners. They strategise and brainstorm together and Sale makes sure their partners’ businesses always remain ahead of the curve.

Along with that, business partners also protect each other. As an aggregator, that means ensuring everyone is doing the right thing, and they possess the right tools and systems to do so.

Hear more from Tanya Sale and the other aggregators live on Friday.

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