Challenging childhood motivates this broker to rise above

He educates and helps his clients prepare for the future, so they always have a place to call home

Challenging childhood motivates this broker to rise above

When Investloan QLD finance manager and 2018 MPA Young Guns finalist Cory Ireland Palazzolo was growing up, he would occasionally find himself looking for a place to sleep at night.

Now 23, he’s not only a broker, but also a recent home owner. The property purchase had extra significance for him: it meant his family would never have to go through the same struggles he did as a teenager.

As a broker, Palazzolo is constantly striving to build and develop his skills. “My individual performance is a reflection of the constant requirement to improve,” Palazzolo told MPA. “If I am able to improve my understanding, then I am able to perform at a higher level for my prospective clients.”

His team specialises in residential loans, and offers clear and concise advice on structuring and selecting loans to ensure customers get the best results. What’s most important for them is that they’re providing both a mortgage and an educational service that will make clients feel assured and comfortable throughout the process, he said.

While some brokers may solely focus on getting loans across the lines, that’s not how Palazzolo operates. He prides himself on being able to make sure his clients understand and are confident with the mortgage process. “If the client understands the process, being able to fully assist their needs can be achieved.”

While many brokers use various digital resources to grow their business, Palazzolo emphasises his efforts on providing a good customer experience. He’s found that if customers have a positive experience, they often discuss it and their broker with family and friends.

Palazzolo is a planner who has a strong vision for his future. Over the next 12 months, he aims to purchase two investment properties to add to his newly bought dwelling. “My commitment to work, my commitment to my customers, and my laser focus on my future will ensure that I am moving forward towards my goals,” he said.