BDM in the Spotlight: Tristian Cunningham, Beyond Bank

Business development managers must deliver on promises

BDM in the Spotlight: Tristian Cunningham, Beyond Bank

BDM in the Spotlight and State Manager in the Spotlight is a regular series, giving brokers insight into the lives of some of the country’s leading relationship managers.

MPA spoke to Tristian Cunningham (pictured above), Beyond Bank’s Victorian-based business development manager about how he supports brokers, what sets successful brokers apart and what brokers should expect from a BDM and lender relationship.

Before becoming a BDM, Cunningham (pictured above) was a mobile banking manager and worked as a manager in a surf shop.

Cunningham loves having a good laugh with his brokers and has a passion for travel.

Name: Tristian Cunningham

Title: Business development manager VIC/TAS
Time in industry: 10 years
Company: Beyond Bank
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Give a brief description of your role and how you support brokers

My role is to build and maintain relationships with accredited mortgage brokers, whilst demonstrating the strength and reliability of Beyond Bank as a lending institution. I take the approach of understanding the client’s scenario and or the broker’s query. 

They trust that I will engage with them through the process, with the assistance of my support team. I also aim to ensure that their experience is smooth, as this builds a strong brand for Beyond Bank, and the flow-on is a great experience for the brokers, clients and their business. Most importantly, having a few laughs and some light-hearted banter with my brokers, whether in person, via the phone or on email, is something that I thrive on.

Outline a goal you aim to achieve in your role this year

This year, my goal is to actively contribute to the improvement of our current processes and policies by being a proactive advocate for change. I am committed to incorporating valuable feedback received from my brokers to ensure that our procedures are continually refined.

By participating in ongoing projects, I can facilitate change, the implementation of more stringent processes and deliver competitive changes to current policies. The ultimate objective is to enhance the overall broker experience fostering a positive relationship with myself and Beyond Bank for our brokers and their clients.                             

What’s your favourite part of the job?

I have a two-pronged response here, as there are two things I love about this job; the first being getting to know my brokers and their business. I feel very privileged that I have cemented some amazing relationships over the years with brokers, aggregator partners, lender BDMs and valuers.   They all form part of my daily and weekly conversations and meetings, and I can honestly say I think we all take value in these.

The second part would be the workshopping some of the challenging scenarios I see on a daily and working alongside of our credit team to seek positive outcomes. I sometimes feel akin to channelling ones’ inner James Bond on a mission to succeed. Just as Bond faces obstacles with wit and determination, overcoming tough scenarios sometimes requires a strategic and resilient approach all the while maintain a cool and composed demeanour. (This was me trying to compare myself to James Bond for a minute – minus the tuxedo and gadgets of course!)

 What sets successful brokers apart?

There can be many definitions of how a broker defines being successful. I believe a successful broker can stand out with their market knowledge, networking capability and their client satisfaction. I believe any broker can be successful if they have their passion and drive to succeed with their individual goals.

What should brokers be demanding from a BDM and lender relationship?

Trust, transparency and willingness to assist.  I strive to demonstrate to my brokers all of these traits, whether it’s a live scenario, active deal or general query.

What do you provide to brokers that makes you valuable to them?

I consistently deliver promises and providing quick responses to my brokers inquiries and requests.  I have built a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.

Describe your ideal weekend

My ideal weekend is a few drinks with mates or playing catch with my dog Austin. But ideally, I love travelling.  Being originally a WA boy, I do love a Bali holiday, so I normally try to sneak in a yearly return and try to escape the wet weather of Melbourne.