BDM in the Spotlight: Gillian Paton, Moula

Many brokers don't receive the service they deserve

BDM in the Spotlight: Gillian Paton, Moula

BDM in the Spotlight and State Manager in the Spotlight is a regular series, giving brokers insight into the lives of some of the country’s leading relationship managers.

MPA spoke to Gillian Paton (pictured above), Moula’s WA-based business development manager, about how she supports brokers, what sets successful brokers apart and what brokers should expect from a BDM and lender relationship.

Before becoming a BDM, Paton, who has been in the industry for 30 years, was head receptionist at a busy, city-centre hotel in Glasgow. 

Full name: Gillian Paton                         
Job title: Business development manager                                                      
Number of years in the industry: 30 years
What is your company’s name? Moula
Location (where you’re based): WA   

Give a brief description of your role and how you support brokers?

My role is to support brokers in WA to drive the growth of their businesses. I work closely with new brokers and provide education about unsecured lending while maintaining solid relationships with experienced commercial brokers to assist with deal structuring and credit negotiations.  With 12 years of experience as a broker, I understand the importance of communication and a hands-on approach from BDMs.

What is a goal you achieved in your role in 2023?

My goal for the year was to work with our partners to build our presence in WA.  We have a tremendous amount of opportunity here, and I believe that Moula has a fantastic proposition that can really assist brokers and their clients. 

What’s your favourite part of the job?   

I love challenging deals that require creative problem-solving in collaboration with our credit team—and securing the approval for my brokers! Happy broker, happy customer, happy me!  I also love catching up with my industry peers and brokers during professional development days. 

What sets successful brokers apart?

Being able to look for new opportunities and value for your clients constantly. Thinking broadly about clients' situations, adding value, and identifying opportunities for your clients to grow.

What should brokers be demanding from a BDM and lender relationship?

I hear it daily: `Thank you so much for calling me back’.  I’m still amazed at how many brokers don’t receive the service they deserve. Communication, transparency, honesty and knowing we keep your best interests at the centre of our actions.

What do you provide to brokers that makes you valuable to them?

My understanding and experience in the industry really position me to assist brokers in crafting solutions for their clients. Whether it's brainstorming over a unique case or hustling to settle loans swiftly, especially for those urgent applications, I'm here to offer the support and attention necessary to get the job done. It’s important to me to tackle challenges together – efficiently and empathetically.

Describe your ideal weekend.

The quieter the better!  I think because the week is so busy and I've spoken to countless people, I run out of words by a Friday night.  I love a bit of a shop and a nice lunch on Saturday, movies at night. Sunday is my quiet day!