BDM in the Spotlight: Mitch Shaw, RedZed

SMSF lending an untapped market for brokers

BDM in the Spotlight: Mitch Shaw, RedZed

BDM in the Spotlight and State Manager in the Spotlight and is a regular series, giving brokers insight into the lives of some of the country’s leading relationship managers.

The latest BDM to be featured is Mitch Shaw (pictured above), a business development manager for self-employed specialist lender RedZed, who covers Victoria and Tasmania.

Shaw prides himself on his ability to respond quickly to brokers’ queries and he enjoys meeting brokers in person across the two states.

He says he loves educating brokers and workshopping scenarios and is encouraging brokers to broaden their horizons to include different sectors, such as SMSF, given there are more than 600,000 self-managed super funds in Australia and plenty of scope for commercial and residential loans.

Full name: Mitch Shaw                                                 
Job title: Business Development Manager (Victoria/Tasmania)
Number of years in the industry: 5
Location: Victoria/Tasmania

What did you do before entering the industry?

Relationship building and sales coaching.

Please give a brief description of your role and how you support brokers.

My accessibility and responsiveness are my most important traits as BDM for my brokers. I aim to respond and prospect on scenarios as efficiently as I can for either commercial, SMSF or residential loan enquiries. I love to engage with my brokers around Victoria and Tasmania face to face as much as I can – it’s a great way to build and keep relationships.

A goal that you aim to achieve in your role this year?

I’d like to know that both RedZed and my brokers have no surprises from me. Knowing that I have performed my job to the best of my ability whilst looking after myself and my family with a healthy work life balance will be enough to know I have achieved.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Educating and workshopping scenarios. I love it, self-managed super funds, in particular. Also, being part of the RedZed team and proudly supporting the Melbourne Storm, North Melbourne Football Club and Hobart Hurricanes is a cool perk – allowing me to network with our brokers at multiple events. 

What sets successful brokers apart?

Detail. I am always happy to go in and bat for our brokers with scenarios and queries to our risk team to find acceptable appetite for RedZed. However, the brokers that spend the time on detail are normally the ones who are rewarded.

What should brokers be demanding from a BDM and lender relationship?

Responsiveness and accessibility. I love educating – brokers should demand to be educated on a different product – SMSF, for example. There are over 600,000 self-managed super funds in Australia. A lot of opportunity for residential or commercial lending.

Are there any industry-wide changes that you think would benefit brokers?

Brokers must take all the merchandise from PD days! Haha, it’s terrible being left with merchandise! Luckily, we have amazing tote bags and socks, and our supporting brokers make the most of it and clear our table.

What do you provide to brokers that makes you valuable to them?

Accessibility, responsiveness, and the ability to have the hard conversation if need be. I don’t shy away or hide. Always happy to take on feedback too.

Describe your ideal weekend.

Always a hard battle to divide the time between my family, my beautiful family (my wife Verity, who is doing a fantastic job of working on our second child at the moment, my daughter Charlotte and our dog Maddie) and then trying to watch and attend as much sport (AFL and cricket) as possible.

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