BDM in the Spotlight: Bettina Lumsden, Pepper Money

Focusing beyond the single transaction to build long-term sustainable relationships with clients, lenders, and referrers

BDM in the Spotlight: Bettina Lumsden, Pepper Money

BDM in the Spotlight and State Manager in the Spotlight is a regular series, giving brokers insight into the lives of some of the country’s leading relationship managers.

MPA recently interviewed Bettina Lumsden (pictured), Queensland-based business development manager for Pepper Money, who came on board with the non-bank lender in June 2022. With a career spanning over three decades in lending, Lumsden brings a wealth of experience to her role.

Lumsden emphasises her commitment to innovative strategies that deliver substantial benefits to her clients at every point of contact, offering tailored advice and solutions.

Her approach centres on simplifying complex processes, looking beyond individual transactions to forge enduring, sustainable relationships with clients, lenders, and referrers.

Full name: Bettina Lumsden
Job title: Business development manager - QLD
Number of years in the industry: 35 Years
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

What did you do before entering the industry?

Straight out of school, and I got into the industry.

Please give a brief description of your role and how you support brokers

As a business development manager (BDM) at Pepper Money, my day-to-day role and responsibility is about fostering and nurturing relationships with our aggregator partners and brokers. A typical “day in the life” with me is spent with brokers in their office, workshopping applications with our comprehensive and flexible loan options, keeping brokers updated with tailored product training, and collaborating with Pepper Money’s credit team to find opportunities to make a real-life difference.

My goal is to ensure that brokers are well-equipped with the necessary tools and resources they need for a seamless and efficient approval process – every step of the way. I am committed to providing exceptional service and support, helping brokers navigate the lending landscape with confidence and ease.

What’s a goal that you aim to achieve in your role this year?

This year, my primary goal is to further enhance the broker experience by delivering innovative solutions and providing unparalleled support. I aim to empower brokers with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed, and to help them unlock new opportunities for growth.

One of my most rewarding achievements has been the successful activation of brokers who are new to non-bank lending. I have guided brokers who traditionally work with conforming lenders to understand and embrace solutions-based lending and are now thriving in business.

What’s your favourite part of the job? 

I take pride in my ability to think outside the box and collaborate with brokers to find viable solutions for complex and challenging scenarios. It sounds obvious, but the world of non-bank opportunities goes beyond the numbers – it’s important to remember and respect that there is a customer within every touchpoint or transaction, and also, a broker that is looking to succeed. This is what ultimately drives me, helping people succeed – both personally and professionally.

What sets successful brokers apart?

Successful brokers are the ones who go the extra mile, the “one percenters”. They are always looking for the best ways to serve their clients and grow their business. They are proactive, adaptable, and constantly seeking opportunities for improvement and expansion.

What should brokers expect from their state manager or BDM?

Brokers should expect their state manager or BDM to be responsive, transparent, and reliable. Whether it’s answering their phone calls or responding to their emails in a timely manner, a BDM should be a trusted partner who brokers can depend on for support and guidance. Managing expectations and timeframes with brokers who in turn are trying to manage their clients stress levels is a vital component.

Are there any industry-wide changes that you think would benefit brokers?

In my opinion, the continued integration of advanced technology and data in the lending process is crucial. The smarter and sharper we get collectively across the industry, the more time brokers can spend with clients and growing their business. We’re already investing in that space – looking for ways to leverage technology to deliver fast, stress-free, and certain decisioning.

What do you provide to brokers that makes you valuable to them?

My genuine desire to help, coupled with my extensive industry experience spanning 35 years across various roles, makes me a valuable asset to our brokers. My dedication and “can do” attitude set me apart. I’m relentless, and I’ll leave no stone unturned to aim towards a successful “yes, we can do that” with Pepper Money.

Describe your ideal weekend.

My ideal weekend kicks off on Saturday morning with a refreshing Cliffy shuffle at a local park run, followed by a hearty breakfast and a cup of coffee. This sets the tone for a guilt-free weekend. I love attending live events, whether it’s a sports match or a music concert. Sundays are reserved for self-care – a soothing massage, a relaxing float sauna session to rejuvenate and prepare myself for the upcoming week.

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