Mortgage Choice Freedom hits $1 billion settlement milestone

Several enhancements have been made to the product suite since its launch last year

Mortgage Choice Freedom hits $1 billion settlement milestone

Aggregator Mortgage Choice has announced that its broker network has settled more than $1 billion in Mortgage Choice Freedom loans, just one year after launching its partnership with Athena Home Loans and the new Mortgage Choice Freedom white-label product suite.

“Twelve months ago, we joined forces with Athena Home Loans to provide Australians with home loan products that would deliver fair value and reward borrowers for their loyalty,” said Anthony Waldron (pictured above left), CEO of Mortgage Choice.

“We knew the Mortgage Choice Freedom product suite was a compelling offering, but the response from our brokers and their customers has been exceptional. Settling $1 billion dollars in home loans within a year is a testament to the product’s unique value proposition.

“The Mortgage Choice Freedom products we launched with were designed to help Australian borrowers avoid ‘loyalty tax’ and pay down their home loans faster. High interest rates, coupled with the rising cost of living, makes it particularly important to deliver fair-value home loan products to consumers.”

The national aggregator said the initial suite of Mortgage Choice Freedom products provides value to customers in three ways: guaranteeing that existing customers will never be on a higher rate than new customers on a like-for-like loan; charging no lender fees; and applying a dynamic pricing structure that automatically lowers the borrower’s interest rate as their loan-to-value ratio (LVR) reduces.

“Our partnership with Mortgage Choice has exceeded our expectations,” said Nathan Walsh (pictured above right), chief executive and co-founder of Athena Home Loans. “We’re absolutely thrilled to have settled $1 billion dollars inside a year.

“Mortgage Choice brokers have played a central role in Mortgage Choice Freedom’s success, and this milestone is testament to the collective commitment from Mortgage Choice, its broker network, and Athena Home Loans to provide borrowers with great products that meet their needs.”

Several enhancements have been made to the Mortgage Choice Freedom product suite in 2024, including the introduction of a multi-collateral feature to better support investor customers and the integration of credit data into the Simpology lodgement platform to help brokers more easily validate customer debt.

“We look forward to continuing to partner with Athena to deliver more innovation to the home loan market and bring our ambitious roadmap to life,” Waldron said.

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