Mortgage Ezy

Office address: 7/42 Bundall Road Bundall QLD 4217
Year established: 1994
Company type: financial services
Employees: 126
Expertise: residential home loan finance, fully verified term & LOC Loans, Self-Managed Super Fund Loans, specialty lending including construction loans, and self-certified term & LOC Loans
Parent company:Mortgage Ezy Holdings Pty Limited; General Manager: Joanna James
CEO and key people: Peter James, Executive Director
Financing status: -

Mortgage Ezy, an Australian-owned and operated Non-Bank Lender, has been a dynamic and innovative force in the mortgage market since its inception. Known for shaking up the mortgage scene with its technology-driven service offerings and a wide range of specialty products, Mortgage Ezy fills market gaps left by traditional banks. 

History of Mortgage Ezy

Founded by Peter James in 1994 and officially launched in 2001 to focus on mortgage origination and management, Mortgage Ezy has carved a niche in providing unique and versatile residential lending solutions. Initially started to address the lack of suitable products for clients wanting to buy multiple investment properties or reduce their debt rapidly, the company has evolved to exceed its own aggressive forecasts by processing over $2 billion in loans annually. Mortgage Ezy has received multiple accolades, including one of the Top Mortgage Employers for 2023.

Products and Services of Mortgage Ezy

Mortgage Ezy's product suite is tailored to cater to a wide array of borrower needs, offering flexibility and innovative solutions in the Australian mortgage landscape:

  • prime loans: traditional mortgage products with competitive rates for borrowers with strong credit histories
  • alt doc and lo doc loans: designed for self-employed or non-traditional income earners, these loans require less documentation for approval
  • expat loans: specialised lending solutions for Australian expatriates looking to invest in property back home
  • Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Loans: loans tailored for SMSFs to purchase investment properties, contributing to retirement savings
  • non-resident loans: mortgage solutions for non-Australian residents wishing to purchase property in Australia

Their securitisation process, leveraging low-cost wholesale funding by pooling residential home loans, has enabled Mortgage Ezy to provide highly competitive loan products through a select group of intermediaries. 

Culture at Mortgage Ezy

Mortgage Ezy prides itself on a unique company culture that thrives on individual strengths and talents, fostering a team that stretches beyond self-imposed limits. With a foundation of committed, responsible, and free-thinking individuals, Mortgage Ezy promotes a learning environment where personal development is highly valued. This culture of opportunity and development is a significant factor in attracting and retaining talent.

About Mortgage Ezy Executive Director Peter James

Peter James, the founder and Group Executive Chairman of Mortgage Ezy, has been a pivotal figure in the company's development and success. His background in financial planning and mortgage brokering laid the groundwork for Mortgage Ezy's customer-focused approach and innovative solutions. Under his leadership, Mortgage Ezy has become known for its flexibility, responsiveness, and dedication to breaking new ground in the mortgage industry.

The Future at Mortgage Ezy

Looking ahead, Mortgage Ezy is focused on growth and innovation. With a mission to double current business volumes, the company aims to evolve into a 'Super Manager,' creating a new business model that further distinguishes it from competitors.

Mortgage Ezy remains committed to delivering tailored mortgage solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers, continuously seeking the next competitive market innovation to provide value.

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