Gateway Bank

Office address: Level 10, 68 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Year established: 1955
Company type: banking
Employees: 51-200
Expertise: home loans, personal loans, savings, term deposits, car loans, insurance, personal banking, online banking, phone banking
Parent company: N/A
CEO and key people: Lexi Airey, CEO
Financing status: -

Gateway Bank is known for its commitment to both its customers' financial well-being and environmental sustainability. It is 100% customer-owned; as they say, they “put people before profits”. Gateway Bank promotes sustainability practices in the banking industry. Its Visa Eco Debit Card, for example, is made from plant-based material instead of plastic.

With a focus on offering innovative financial products and services, Gateway Bank has established itself as a leading institution dedicated to ethical banking practices.

History of Gateway Bank

Gateway Bank was established in 1955 and is now one of the leading customer-owned banks in Australia. Its journey reflects a continuous growth aimed at enhancing customer experience and embracing eco-friendly initiatives. This can be summed up in two words: Pocket and Planet.

As a customer-owned bank, the profits do not go to any shareholders; in the end, the customers benefit. And over the years, Gateway Bank has developed eco-friendly initiatives to help support the environment, staying true to its Pocket and Planet ethos. 

Products and Services of Gateway Bank

 Some of Gateway Bank’s products and services include:

  • home loans: offering a range of home loan products, including the award-winning Green Home Loan, Gateway Bank caters to various customer needs while promoting sustainable living
  • car and personal loans: with competitive rates and flexible terms, the bank provides financial solutions for personal and vehicle financing
  • Gateway VISA Eco Debit Card: made of plant-based material, not PVC plastic; decomposes 20 times faster than PVC cards. Available to select Gateway members
  • term deposits: the bank's term deposit accounts come with competitive interest rates, providing a secure investment option for customers
  • reverse mortgages: Gateway Bank provides reverse mortgage products, allowing older homeowners to access the equity in their homes without selling

Culture at Gateway Bank

Gateway Bank fosters a culture of inclusivity, innovation, and sustainability. The bank's commitment to Pocket & Planet is evident through various in-house sustainability initiatives and volunteer programs, reflecting its dedication to social and environmental responsibility.

The company is a carbon-neutral organisation certified by Climate Active. Gateway Bank has also published their policies on ethical banking and ethical lending, stating they will not do business with entities that harm people and the environment.

About Gateway Bank CEO Lexi Airey

Lexi Airey, leading Gateway Bank as CEO since March 2019, brings a wealth of experience from various customer-focused roles across industries in Australia and the UK. She was part of the Royal Mail Group, Westpac, and Commonwealth Bank before assuming the role of chief customer officer at Gateway Bank in 2014.

Airey has a bachelor's degree in history and American Studies and an MSc in Computer Science. She also holds a Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance from The Chartered Banker Institute.

The Future at Gateway Bank

With a strong emphasis on sustainable banking practices, the bank aims to further integrate eco-friendly initiatives into its products and services. The future at Gateway Bank is one where financial success goes hand in hand with environmental stewardship, setting a benchmark for responsible banking in Australia.

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