Office address: 8 Rockridge Avenue, Penrose, Auckland 1061, New Zealand
Year established: 2015
Company type: software development
Employees: 11-50
Expertise: document collection, digital signatures, secure client portals, CRM enrichment, workflow automation, and onboarding
Parent company: N/A
CEO and key people: James Sampson, founder and CEO
Financing status: venture capital-backed

FileInvite is a secure portal that can request and collect documents and forms, resulting in an average of 10.5 hours saved per user. It is transforming the way businesses collect documents from their clients, offering a secure, efficient, and user-friendly solution. It can be used across industries: banking, accounting, legal, education, and mortgage, among others. FileInvite is headquartered in Auckland with a US office in Denver. 

History of FileInvite

FileInvite was conceived as an internal tool to address the document collection challenges faced by Zyber, a high-growth agency co-founded by James Sampson. The tool proved so effective in streamlining the collection process and improving turnaround times that it was further developed and marketed, leading to the birth of FileInvite in 2015.

In 2022, FileInvite won the “High Growth Exporter of the Year to the USA,” an award co-presented by the American Chamber in Auckland, New Zealand. The following year, FineInvite became HIPAA-compliant, allowing the company to expand into the healthcare market in the US.

Products and Services of FileInvite

FileInvite offers a range of services and features designed to enhance document collection and management. Some of these services and features are: 

  • request bank statements: integration with Illion or CashDeck for seamless bank statement collection
  • cloud storage syncing: automatically sync returned files with your preferred cloud storage solution
  • custom API & integrations: tailored solutions to fit unique business needs, ensuring a smooth workflow
  • prebuilt templates: simplify the document request process with ready-to-use templates

FileInvite's solutions cater to the specific needs of mortgage brokers, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies, ensuring compliance, security, and efficiency. 

Culture at FileInvite

FileInvite is committed to fostering a culture that prioritises growth, innovation, and collaboration. The company invests significantly in its team, offering training, mentoring, and a supportive environment that encourages personal and professional development. Its focus on innovation is integral to FileInvite's success and is reflected in the quality of service it delivers.

About FileInvite Founder and CEO James Sampson

James Sampson has led FileInvite to become a leader in document collection software. Before launching FileInvite, he co-founded a web agency called Zyber, showcasing his ability to identify market needs and create innovative solutions.

True to his entrepreneurial spirit, Sampson founded 3 other companies before Zyber and FileInvite:

  • Wallcandy, a company that made waterproof art
  • Property Billboard, an online real estate listing company
  • Vyne Digital, a digital marketing agency

Sampson has a degree in architecture from Victoria University of Wellington and a postgraduate diploma in marketing from Manukau Institute of Technology.  

The Future at FileInvite

Looking ahead, FileInvite aims to set the global standard for information sharing. FileInvite's commitment to innovation, customer experience, and global reach positions it as a key player in the future of document collection and management, especially within the mortgage industry.

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