Office address: Level 4, 100 Havelock Street West Perth WA 6005
Year established: 1994
Company type: financial services
Employees: 250+
Expertise: mortgage aggregator, home loans, equipment and vehicle finance, mortgage broker
Parent company: N/A
CEO and key people: Marnie Baker, CEO and Managing Director
Financing status: corporation

AFG, or Australian Finance Group, is a prominent figure in Australia's mortgage industry. Known for its extensive network of brokers and innovative solutions, AFG plays a crucial role in the mortgage brokerage sector, offering a range of services to brokers and clients across the nation.

History of AFG

AFG was established in 1994 and has grown significantly, adapting to changes in the financial industry by expanding its services. The company has been instrumental in shaping the mortgage broking industry in Australia, setting standards for service and efficiency.

Today, AFG is one of the largest mortgage broking groups in Australia, partnering with over 3,700 brokers across the continent. AFG also works with more than 70 lenders, giving a wide range of choices for home buyers in Australia.

Products and Services of AFG

Here are some of the services that AFG extends to its network of brokers:

  • mortgage brokering services: connecting clients with a variety of loan options from different lenders
  • technology platforms: AFG offers brokers a suite of technology tools for efficient business management
  • broker support and training: extensive support and training programs for brokers to enhance their skills and knowledge
  • compliance and regulatory guidance: ensuring brokers remain compliant with the ever-changing financial regulations
  • business growth tools: resources and tools designed to help brokers expand and grow their businesses
  • data analytics and reporting: offering data-driven insights for better decision-making in the mortgage industry

Culture at AFG

AFG is known for its dynamic and supportive culture. The company emphasizes innovation, teamwork, and continuous learning among its own staff and within its broker network. It fosters an environment where employees and brokers are encouraged to grow professionally while contributing to the industry's development.

About AFG CEO David Bailey

David Bailey, the CEO of AFG, is a respected leader with a deep understanding of the mortgage industry. His leadership has been pivotal in steering AFG through various changes and technological advancements, positioning the company as a leader in the mortgage broking sector.

Bailey joined AFG as CFO in March 2004. He became COO in 2015, then CEO in 2017. As head of AFG, he has oversight of the company’s strategy, corporate governance and growth. Outside of his day job at AFG, Bailey supports the Western Australia Cricket Association in his role as board member.

The Future at AFG

AFG remains focused on embracing technological advancements, expanding its service offerings, and providing unparalleled support to its network of brokers. AFG continues to be a key player in the Australian mortgage industry.

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