Top commercial broker epitomises female leadership in the commercial financial sector

Commercial broking leader setting the standard for helping SMEs grow and succeed

Top commercial broker epitomises female leadership in the commercial financial sector

JKK Solutions co-founder and director Katie Liu is passionate about helping small and medium-sized businesses access the commercial funding they need to grow and flourish.

Drawing on her decade of experience as a senior commercial banker with one of Australia’s major lending institutions, Katie’s intimate understanding of these organisations’ requirements and pain points enables her to provide even the most complex and structured finance solutions that meet desired goals.

She is also a chartered accountant, making her well rounded and skilled in all aspects of deal structuring.

“I believe SMEs are the backbone of Australia’s economy, and it’s rewarding for me to be considered one of their valued partners and grow with my customers throughout their journey,” says Katie.

Based in Victoria, the mortgage broking and finance specialist company JKK Solutions provides lending solutions for residential mortgages, commercial investment funding, commercial development funding, working capital funding and equipment finance.

Together with business partners Keith Ho and Jade Fang, the three founders and their top-rated team members have scaled the award-winning firm to new heights since launching in 2017. Their extensive residential and commercial experience has helped thousands of clients achieve their financial goals, more than 400 of whom have given the company a 5-star Google review.

Katie’s business philosophy is grounded in a commitment to exceptional client service over the long haul. She leads her team to prioritise long-term business relationships that enable them to deliver innovative finance solutions based on an in-depth grasp of a client’s operational requirements.

With a sharp focus on her business strategies and nurturing the customer relationship side, Katie inspires the JKK Solutions team to stay at the forefront of technology and industry knowledge. She coaches staff on credit policies, ensures learning opportunities for upskilling and leverages networking at multiple business banking events and AFG conferences to gain a global industry perspective.

Her outstanding achievements earned her the prestigious title of one of Australia’s Top Commercial Brokers of 2024 from Mortgage Professional Australia. Katie attained this recognition by writing over $100 million in commercial transactions settled, with a significant portion of the deals involving complex corporate cash flow transactions.

She says, “We must prepare for tomorrow and beyond as we live in a changing world. Technology changes, and people are changing. As a business owner, positioning my team for change is essential. I strive to uplift the finance broking profession through a combination of my extensive lending expertise and IT experience.”

As one of the country’s leading female business owners and top commercial brokers, harnessing the potential industry-changing power of AI is high on Katie’s agenda for creating the path forward. She is involved in several AI projects in the broking industry. She devotes considerable time to encouraging her staff and peers to keep learning and be curious about every aspect of their broking career.

Katie has built a track record of success on a foundation of finance expertise, results-driven client solutions, as well as the following:

  • extensive lender network 
  • proactive client communication, including a conversation tool for staff to have high-quality client discussions 
  • active review of existing clients’ banking facilities to provide deal optimisation 
  • industry participation, such as advocating for female technology leadership at SheInnovates for Women 
  • global business participation, such as getting the team out to attend the Prestigious World Business Forum in Sydney  
  • use of the AI model tool to assist brokers in using technology to improve efficiencies in the finance industry  

“As brokers, we have a critical role in the whole economy,” says Katie. “I’m proud of what we’ve been able to achieve and proud to represent the Asian community on the awards stage. We will continue focusing on what we’re doing well and contribute to elevating the industry’s quality standards.”

JKK Solutions is an award-winning one-stop shop for residential and commercial finance needs. Given the team’s strong banking background and the networks that the directors have built up over the past few years, it can offer comprehensive financial solutions to various clients. The team strives to take its time to understand customers’ long-term goals and is proud to be part of their journey. JKK Solutions is passionate about what it does and how it can help customers achieve their dreams.