Mortgage advisory business saved clients $17 million in interest last year

Wins prestigious international business award

Mortgage advisory business saved clients $17 million in interest last year

A New Zealand mortgage advisory company has won a prestigious business award after helping clients save nearly $17 million in interest payments last year.

Futurebound, founded by Jeff Elias (pictured left) and directed by Jacque Elias (pictured right) in Wellington, took home one of the top Business of the Year prizes at last year’s Business xCellence Awards held in Gold Coast, Australia.

This program is a highly sought-after recognition of business success, celebrating small businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

“This award marks an important milestone for us as it highlights how hard we’ve been working toward our new focus toward improving the financial wellbeing of kiwi homeowners,” said Jacque Elias.

Futurebound for success

Founded in 2019, Futurebound initially aimed to make property ownership accessible to individuals of all backgrounds. Over time, the company expanded its focus to include assisting current homeowners achieve financial freedom through financial education and advice, aiming to facilitate generational wealth creation.

In 2024, the advisory firm boasts a dedicated team committed to their mission of financial empowerment across a range of channels including money management, debt reduction advice, and property investing, 

“Last year, we managed to save a total of 16,989,000 in interest repayments, which was a huge success,” Jacque Elias said.

Matt Alderton, CEO and founder of the Bx Business xCellence Awards, said Futurebound won this award due to its “unwavering commitment to innovation, outstanding customer service, and remarkable growth”.

“Its dedication to excellence in every aspect of its operations has set a benchmark in the industry,” Alderton said. “This recognition highlights its exceptional contributions and sets it apart as a true industry leader.”

Launching the Leaps&Bounds app

While Futurebound helped their clients shave a total of 780 years off their mortgage in 2023, Jacque Elias said it was the launch of their new financial literacy app, Leaps&Bounds, that typified the year.

“Leaps&Bounds provides free resources and training to help kiwis across NZ achieve financial freedom,” Jeff Elias said.

With over 290 homeowners signing on since November 2023 and plans to expand in 2024, Jacque Elias said the new app is designed to reduce financial stress.

Jacque Elias said the app has specific aims for its members:

  • Pay off a mortgage in seven to 10 years
  • Eliminate up to $400,000 of mortgage interest
  • ​Get control of your money and bank balance
  • Invest in property for your future
  • ​Create the lifestyle of your choice

“Paying off your mortgage years ahead of schedule will open the opportunity for you to work less or take time off work, spend more time doing what you're passionate about, create more memories with your family, and, quite frankly, whatever you want to do,” she said.

A mortgage client case study

While building financial literacy is important, Jacque Elias said Futurebound’s aim is to act as client advocates throughout the process.

“This means fighting for the best results, even when challenges arise,” she said.

For example, last year the mortgage firm had a client applying for completion finance on a new build investment property. However, between the time they paid the deposit and when they applied for the completion finance, housing prices dropped, and the valuation came in much lower than the purchase price.

“We liaised with the lawyer and property sourcing company, making several phone calls and emails for weeks, to move the settlement date,” Elias said.

When they saw that the property sourcing company was not advocating for the client, Futurebound negotiated on the client’s behalf without their request for the property sourcing company to pay for another valuation.

“We didn’t believe it was right for the property sourcing company to wash their hands of the situation since they sold the property to the client, who could have lost $70,000.”

Elias said the team moved quickly to shift the client’s owner-occupied mortgage to a non-bank lender as well as the investment property completion finance, so they could get it across the line.

“We also made a plan with the client to refinance both homes to a main bank once the time was right for the client,” she said.

“The result was the client didn’t lose their $70,000 deposit and was able to secure an investment property for a prosperous and comfortable retirement.”

Why should NZ mortgage advisers consider business awards?

As a mortgage adviser, building a thriving business requires constant growth and improvement. Jacque Elias said entering esteemed awards can be a powerful tool to propel success in two key ways:

First, she said simply completing the application gives mortgage advisers an “invaluable review” of their business.

“You’ll be able to see where you really shine and what needs some polishing in a way that you wouldn’t have done so otherwise,” Elias said.

Secondly, winning or becoming a finalist in an international award boosts company culture, confidence, and belief both among the mortgage adviser and their team.

“When you increase your belief in what you can achieve, with unity and focus, you and your team will look for new ways to achieve more.”