2023 Mortgage Global 100

Strategic superstars

The mortgage industry worldwide has faced a challenging 12 months, with rate hikes across the board. However, innovative techniques have been created, business models have changed, and there’s been a recalibration of mindsets. These are all the responses of the Global 100, who are leading from the front as role models to their colleagues and as trusted partners of their clients, who needed them more than ever.

Ryan La Haye – Group RLH – Planiprêt, Canada

Mortgage broker

Reacting and adapting are invaluable skills in difficult conditions. La Haye has been able to rely on both to manage a rewarding 12 months.

“I’ve been in this industry for 20 years, and this was the first year that I’ve ever experienced a reduction in business,” he says. “Rates here went up 500 percent; it was the first time I was operating in an environment in which I knew that we were going to do less in terms of volume.”

However, he regrouped and turned things in his favor. La Haye decided to break from the normal operating methods.

He says, “The classic way a broker, at least here in Canada, operates is that you do a lot of marketing and outreach and try to get as many clients as possible. Then we try to find a solution that serves them.”

That model works well and allows brokers to use their toolbox once the client arrives. The secret to La Haye’s success has been reversing that process.

“We would instead look in the toolbox and find a financial strategy, and then go out and find a segment of the market that would really, really need that,” he says.

La Haye’s strategy was to depart from the usual approach of competing at the lowest rates. For example, one initiative was cash damming, which included:

  • utilizing Canada’s high-income tax rates to attract clients

  • offering the ability to return 50 percent of their interest at the end of the year

  • converting the capital gain on the property

  • overall, transforming the mortgage into a tax-deductible mortgage

He says, “That’s just one of 15 strategies or tools that we identified that clients could potentially benefit from. It’s been a real game changer, allowing us to step out of the rate discussion only and talk about other strategies and possible needs that the client has that we can offer solutions to.”

While it has paid off, conceptualizing and implementing the new way of working wasn’t without its own challenges. One part was getting the message to the clients, all preoccupied by rising rates, but instead La Haye and his team were able to ask questions such as:

  • Would you like to have your mortgage treated as a tax-deductible debt?

  • Would you prefer not to make mortgage payments if you’re over 65?

  • Would you be interested in using the equity in your house to create a more flexible or comfortable retirement?

“So many clients would say yes to those types of questions, and I’d tell them, ‘Then we might have a solution for you,’” he says.

The secondary part that La Haye has had to lead on is changing the mindset of his brokers to work in this way, some of whom were wedded to the methods that have served them well throughout their careers.

“If there’s disruption, doubling down on what you know can maybe be a strategy, but it might also be the end of you,” he says. “We get rigid as we age, I think, both personally and in business, and that can be a pretty big trap.”

Instead of showing the data that backed up his innovative methods, La Haye was able to bring his brokers with him.

He says, “We showed them what the marketing was doing and how it was creating more and more business, and it still is even to this day.”

Ryan La Haye
“I have the ability to be able to distinguish what can and cannot work. Across all business sectors, problems are not necessarily down to creativity; it’s about execution”
Ryan La HayeGroup RLH – Planiprêt


Peter White, AM – Finance Brokers Association of Australia

Managing director

There’s satisfaction in seeing plans and hard work deliver results. And that’s been the story for White, as the progress he has overseen in the last 12 months includes:

  • achieving record net member growth for the FBAA

  • successfully launching a consumer-facing website

  • concluding plans for expansion into New Zealand

  • overseeing a global mortgage summit

Creating the website, BeforeULoan.com, involved White leading a large research effort that has been ongoing for three years.

He says, “I wanted to ensure that what we were building was what consumers wanted, not what we thought they wanted.”

Expanding on what the platform will mean to borrowers, White says, “It has the facility to find a broker to sort your loan out, but we looked at what exactly people are trying to achieve. So, it’s been built with that in mind and to bring all the information into one point.”

It will also include collaborative content from the FBAA’s member brokers, and there will be monthly updates across the whole site so it stays relevant as the market evolves with blogs, videos, and podcasts.

Alongside fine-tuning the new web offering, White spent the majority of the year preparing to take the organization to New Zealand. The impetus came from brokers there asking for his organization’s support. Now it’s happening by setting up a presence there to give specialized assistance from an association point of view in the mortgage advice space.

“We are good at dealing with politicians and regulators, and we’re great in the media, plus we’re good at putting on events,” he says. “These are the things that brokers there complain about: there aren’t enough events, and they need more education. By coming over, it will not only increase the awareness of brokers in New Zealand but also their market share. That’s the end goal.”

White has also led efforts on a global scale in his role as chairman of the International Mortgage Brokers Federation (IMBF). He helmed the group’s first global summit, held in Las Vegas back in September.

There were a series of talking points, including:

  • domestic country issues

  • common global issues

  • money laundering

  • fraud

  • education

  • promoting increased female industry participation

White says, “It’s a specialist conversation. We are all basically doing the same thing around the world, just at different speeds. Therefore, we can learn from one another and grow from one another’s learning.”

There is also a white paper due to be published on the discussions at the summit, and the 2024 event is already scheduled to be held in Canada.

One driving force for White is for the federation to be a source of support for brokers internationally and ultimately allow them to work better for their clients.

He says, “Governments will come to understand that we’ve become a very strong and very large global community that works together on resolving issues and challenges.”

Peter White
“I wanted to make sure we continued to show that we were relevant in the marketplace, and this has been a really strategic year for us. It was time to step up and deliver”
Peter White, AMFinance Brokers Association of Australia


Christian Groomes – Lima One Capital, US

Senior sales manager

“It has been a fun year.” That’s the unexpected verdict from Groomes.

Realizing how tough 2023 was going to be, he recalls sitting alongside business partner Greg Huegel in their South Carolina office back in January as business began to slow down.

Groomes says, “I said we could either choose to be victims, be upset, or blame the market, but I said no, and we decided to change the mindset, flip the switch, and turn the negative energy into positive energy.”

Groomes laid out some goals about what success would look like.

“They weren’t numbers; there were relationships, and we’ve blown them out of the water,” he says.

The strategy has been to focus on connecting with clients, understanding their needs, and investing time in supporting them during these challenging times. A by-product of fewer deals being done meant there was more time to dedicate.

“We were never going to just work four hours a day or scroll on Facebook,” Groomes says. “We made positive use of that time by finding somebody to connect with or by scheduling a meeting. It was about really being intentional about purposeful meetings, and we see stuff moving because of that.”

Most of Lima One’s business occurs outside of its home state, so the company used technology to reach as many clients as possible. It was a significant undertaking, as most of the meetings were not about new business.

Groomes says, “We spent so much time fostering relationships, and what has really pushed us over the edge is truly just getting to know people, getting to know their businesses, what they’re wanting to do, and why they’re wanting to do things.”

The shift in operation ties in with Groomes’ mindset and how he wants to interact with clients. So having the space to change strategy has allowed him and the business to reach a point where they want to be.

“I don’t want to be transactional,” he says. “I want to be a trusted adviser and partner because when we do loans for people, we’re also an extension of their business, and I am there for them.”

Prioritizing relationships is something that will continue at Lima One now that it has developed a powerful model. This preparation positions the business for the future, allowing it to deploy its deeper understanding of its clients’ situations with ease if rates become more favorable.

“Now that we have built those relationships, when we do get better rates, those relationships will still be strong as we understand them on a whole new level,” says Groomes. “So, we’re ready to fire for our clients when times get better and when they need us to.”

Christian Groomes
“I can’t overemphasize the fact that, while my name may be on this award, it probably should have others. I couldn’t have done it without the people that I work with on my team directly”
Christian GroomesLima One Capital


Cory Bannister – La Trobe Financial, Australia

Senior vice president and chief lending officer

Even esteemed firms with successful histories have had to think smarter and adapt over the past 12 months. That’s evidenced by La Trobe Financial, which decided to target three areas of business due to market conditions:

  • complex credit

  • commercial property

  • construction loans

Bannister says, “We’ve been able to lean in and help those segments of the market that perhaps have been left underserved by some of the major lenders based on the macroeconomic environment that we’re faced with.”

It wasn’t a case of simply shifting resources, as Bannister coordinated realigning his staff to be able to deliver in those areas.

“We had the knowledge before, but we certainly had to scale up the teams that handle commercial and construction loans in particular,” he says. “We’ve been able to recruit quite well to ensure that we could scale up accordingly.”

A large part of Bannister’s impressive performance has not only included devising strategy but also motivating his team to deliver. Part of that is making it clear how impactful La Trobe Financial’s work is.

He says, “We always reiterate to our team the importance of their role. We legitimately get a chance to solve some of the biggest pressures and the biggest concerns on the minds of Australians day in and day out.”

Above and beyond the finances, for Bannister, a sense of pride comes from the results he and his team have delivered. Over the last year, several clients have reached out to share their gratitude – a noticeably greater amount than they typically do in less challenging markets.

“We get regular feedback from those customers that we’ve been able to assist; we might have saved them a deposit or given them a roof over their heads,” says Bannister. “We’ve had more commendations for the way our staff have handled their requests this year, more so than ever.”

Cory Bannister
“I sit in a very privileged position to lead an incredibly talented team of experts that do a fantastic job. We’re conscious of being able to make the lives of our clients more pleasing”
Cory BannisterLa Trobe Financial


2023 Mortgage Global 100


  • Adam Brown
    Executive, Broker Distribution
  • Anja Pannek
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Anthony Waldron
    Chief Executive Officer, Financial Services and Mortgage Choice
    REA Group
  • Daniel Green
    Green Finance Group
  • David Bailey
    Chief Executive Officer
  • David Hyman
    Chief Executive Officer
    Lendi Group
  • Evelyn Clark
    Director and Finance Broker
  • Ian Rakhit
    General Manager, Third Party
  • James Boyle
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Jean-Pierre Gortan
    Managing Director
    Simplicity Loans & Advisory
  • Mario Rehayem
    Chief Executive Officer
    Pepper Money
  • Natalie Smith
    General Manager, Retail Broker
  • Razia Khan
    General Manager, Third Party Banking
    Commonwealth Bank
  • Sam White
    Executive Chairman
  • Scott McWilliam
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Simon Bednar
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Tanya Sale
    Chief Executive Officer
    outsource Financial
  • Wendy Brown
    Head of Broker Distribution
    Macquarie Group
  • William Lockett
    Managing Director
    Specialist Finance Group



  • Andrew Moor
    Chief Executive Officer and President
    Equitable Bank
  • Carla Giles
    Chief Executive Officer
    Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association – British Columbia
  • Chris Turcotte
    Chief Operating Officer and President
    CENTUM Financial Group
  • Christine Buemann
    The Collective Mortgage Group
  • Christine Xu
    Principal Broker and President 
    Moneybroker Canada
  • Dalia Barsoum
    Streetwise Mortgages
  • Daniela Detommaso
  • Dustan Woodhouse
    Mortgage Architects
  • Fiona Campbell
    National Director, Mortgage Brokers
    Manulife Bank
  • Frances Hinojosa
    Founding Partner, Chief Executive Officer and Mortgage Broker
    Tribe Financial Group
  • Hali Noble
    Fisgard Asset Management
  • Hashem Aboulhosn
    Co-Founder and President
    Rocket Mortgage Canada
  • James Laird
    Co-Chief Executive Officer
    CanWise Financial
  • Joseph Fooks
    Mortgage Automator
  • Kristy Maxwell
    Regional Vice President, Western Canada Business Relations
    VERICO Canada
  • Luc Bernard
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    M3 Financial Group
  • Marina Bournas
    Chief Executive Officer and President
    RFA Mortgage
  • Michael Forshee
    Glasslake Funding
  • Ron Swift
    Chief Executive Officer
    Radius Financial
  • Sadiq Boodoo
    Chief Executive Officer, President and Principal Broker
    Approved Financial Services
  • Shubha Dasgupta
    Chief Executive Officer and President
  • Yousry Bissada
    Chief Executive Officer and President


New Zealand

  • Adrienne Begbie
    Managing Director
  • Baden Martin
    Head of Mortgage Advisor Distribution
  • Campbell Smith
    Country Head
    Pepper Money
  • Luke Jackson
    General Manager – New Zealand
  • Mark Mountcastle
    Chief Executive
    Avanti Finance
  • Sam Burgess
    Head of Lending
    First Mortgage Trust
  • Satyan Mehra
    Director and Chief Adviser
    iConsult Mortgage Brokers


United Kingdom

  • Tanya Elmaz
    Director of Intermediary Sales
    Tanya Elmaz, Together
  • Anthony Lark
    Chief Executive Officer
  • António Simões
    Group Chief Executive Officer
    Legal & General
  • Charlotte Harrison
    Chief Executive Officer – Home Financing
    Skipton Building Society
  • Dave Harris
    Chief Executive Officer
  • David Postings
    Chief Executive Officer
    UK Finance
  • Eloise Hall
    Head of National Accounts
    Kensington Mortgages
  • Joanne Hollins
    Head of Intermediary Mortgage Distribution
    Metro Bank
  • John Phillips
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Jon Hall
    Group Managing Director, Mortgages and Savings
    OSB Group
  • Kate Davies
    Executive Director
    Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association
  • Kelly Pallister
    Managing Director – Operations
    Foundation Home Loans
  • Leoni Alexandrou
    Chief Operations Officer 
    Karis Capital UK 
  • Marc Goldberg
    Commercial Chief Executive Officer
  • Peter Brodnicki
    Chief Executive Officer
    Mortgage Advice Bureau
  • Rachel McGovern
    Director, Financial Services
    Brokers Ireland
  • Richard Whitehouse
    Managing Director
  • Riz Malik
    Founder and Director
    R3 Mortgages
  • Rob Barnard
    Intermediary Relationship Director
    Pepper Money
  • Rob Clifford
    Chief Executive
  • Vic Jannels
    Chief Executive Officer
    The Association of Short Term Lenders


United States

  • Andrew Russell
    Owner and Mortgage Loan Officer
    RCG Mortgage
  • Chris Dorin
    Vice President of Sales
    RCN Capital
  • Chris Vinson
    Chief Executive Officer
    Windsor Mortgage
  • Eddy Perez Jr
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Harish Tejwani
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Jamie Cavanaugh
    President, Amerifund Home Loans 
    Vice President, Outreach, AIME 
  • Joel Mathew
    Chief Executive Officer and President
    Champions Mortgage
  • John Keratsis
    Chief Executive Officer and President
  • Katie Sweeney
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Lamont Harris Jr
    Chief Executive Officer
    Harris Capital Mortgage Group
  • Lizy Hoeffer
    Chief Experience Officer
    CrossCountry Mortgage
  • Mark Cohen
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Cohen Financial
  • Mark Jones
    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Amerifirst Home Mortgage
  • Mark Music
    Owner and Chief Executive Officer
    Ruoff Mortgage
  • Mat Ishbia
    Chief Executive Officer and President
    United Wholesale Mortgage
  • Melanie Graper
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Neil Surgenor
    Physician Loan Specialist
    TD Bank
  • Nora Guerra
    Affordable Lending Senior Manager
    Freddie Mac
  • Tai Christensen
    Arrive Home
  • Valerie Saunders
    National Association of Mortgage Brokers
  • Varun Krishna
    Chief Executive Officer
    Rocket Companies
  • William Fisher
    Executive Vice President, Non-QM and Jumbo Lending
    LoanStream Mortgage
  • Zabrina Suero
    Director, Operations


About the Global 100 – Mortgage

The Global 100 report shines a spotlight on outstanding professionals who are making a positive difference and helping drive change across the industry.

Now in its fifth year, this formidable list of the biggest names in the mortgage industry was put together by MPA and its sister publications, Canadian Mortgage Professional, Mortgage Introducer, Mortgage Professional Australia, and NZ Adviser, leveraging its unique position as a true global publication reaching fix different markets – the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

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