Neighbourhood Holdings unveils new 90-day blueprint for broker success

The company offers a 'structured framework' for brokers to take their business to the next level

Neighbourhood Holdings unveils new 90-day blueprint for broker success

This article was produced in partnership with Neighbourhood Holdings

Canadian Mortgage Professional delves into Neighbourhood Holdings’ new 90-Day Mortgage Broker Blueprint Template, a plan its senior director of originations Jared Stanley says can help mortgage professionals streamline and optimize their business in challenging times.

The volatile and ever-changing nature of today’s mortgage market means the value of a detailed business plan is clearer than ever – and a new 90-day blueprint recently revealed by a top lending executive offers a template and strategic framework for mortgage professionals to drive success.

The plan, devised by Neighbourhood Holdings’ senior director of originations Jared Stanley (pictured), is one that provides “structured guidance” through a step-by-step roadmap that he said would allow agents and brokers – whether experienced or brand-new – to weather the current market storms and thrive in challenging times.

Central to that blueprint, according to Stanley, is highlighting actionable, achievable steps that will optimize productivity while also meaning brokers don’t become overwhelmed.

The executive spelled out some of the key advantages of the plan in a recent blog post for Neighbourhood Holdings.

“It translates broad, long-term objectives into tangible, daily actions, fostering a nimble mindset ready to adapt to unforeseen challenges or opportunities,” he said. What’s more, the plan also “gives brokers the agility to navigate unexpected hurdles.

“Whether it’s a sudden market downturn or a policy shift, the blueprint’s short-term focus means you’re always only a few steps away from recalibrating your approach.”

What steps should brokers take to drive their business forward?

Setting clear objectives, enhancing client relationships, and developing strategies to maximize growth are key elements of that plan, which is intended to be fully customizable for specific goals.

The blueprint also emphasizes the role of strategy before tactics – devising an overarching vision guiding objectives and decisions before getting into the detail of specific actions to achieve those targets.

“Think of it like building a house,” Stanley said. “The strategy is your architectural plan, outlining the vision of the final structure. Tactics, on the other hand, are the bricks, mortar, and craftsmanship that bring this vision to life. Without the architectural plan – strategy – the house, or end goal, may not stand firm.”

In the plan, brokers list three primary goals aligned with company objectives, breaking them down on a monthly basis, and take stock of their current standing by assessing referral partners based on prior interactions and deals.

Putting forward a set of realistic objectives is a huge component of success as a mortgage broker, Stanley said. “Setting clear, measurable, and achievable goals is essential,” he explained. “These serve as both the beacon and the yardstick – directing daily operations and measuring progress, ensuring alignment with overarching aspirations.”

The blueprint sees brokers identify challenges and successes in engaging with various stakeholders while also outlining strategies for prospecting, interacting with, and retaining those partners.

That’s a more critical step than ever in today’s turbulent mortgage climate – and the fundamentals of the mortgage business are built on trust and relationships, Stanley highlighted.

“Beyond metrics and percentages, the art of cultivating, nurturing, and maintaining genuine broker-client relationships becomes the lynchpin for enduring success and growth in this industry,” he said.

The engagement strategy outlined in the blueprint focuses on personalized communication, he added, underscoring the significance of genuine interactions “beyond mere numbers.”

Blueprint aims to complement and improve broker-client relationships

It’s often said that technology, while increasingly influential in the mortgage industry, can’t replicate the value of person-to-person relationships. Stanley said the guide featured in Neighbourhood’s 90-day blueprint aim to complement rather than replace the human element of the relationship between brokers and clients, ensuring that interactions remain genuine and personalized.

Those include feedback and adjustment sessions to be undertaken on a scheduled basis, allowing brokers to refine and improve their approach and ensure tactics are as effective as possible.

For Stanley, one of the most appealing features of the plan is that it allows brokers to strategically approach time management through time-blocking, completing tasks in a quick and efficient manner.

“It prioritizes client relationship-building without compromising administrative efficiency,” he said, “striking a balance that fuels business growth and client satisfaction. While time-blocking lays out a structured week, leaving some wiggle room is essential.”

That even approach leaves space in the calendar for brokers to complete unplanned tasks – for instance, an unanticipated client meeting or sudden market update – without significantly impacting the schedule for the entire week.

It’s important to have regular waypoints to measure success to date and whether further adjustments need to be made, and in addition to the regular feedback sessions, the blueprint includes Milestones Monthly markers to keep brokers focused and aligned on overall objectives.

Those are designed, Stanley said, with built-in flexibility – allowing brokers adaptability to remain responsive to changing market dynamics and client needs.

“This proactive approach ensures that brokers aren’t met with surprises by month’s end,” he said, “but have a clear idea of their progress.”

The value of a cyclical approach

A huge advantage of the plan, Stanley said, is that it’s not simply focused on a single 90-day period. Rather, it’s a cyclical undertaking with each cycle offering a “fresh start” that sees all the benefits of the insights and experiences gained from the prior one.

“Each cycle of the blueprint is an opportunity for growth and refinement,” he said. “It’s like sharpening a blade: each pass makes it keener, more effective.

“With every 90-day cycle, brokers enhance their immediate tactics and fine-tune their overarching strategy, ensuring sustained excellence in their profession.”

Neighbourhood Holdings’ 90-day Mortgage Broker Blueprint Template is available for free download online – and for further information, be sure to check out Stanley’s blog post on the Blueprint.

Jared Stanley is senior director of originations for Neighbourhood Holdings, an alternative lender based in Canada.