Mike Cameron

Brokers talk government meetings with MPC head

The recently re-launched Canadian Mortgage Hangout aims to hold the industry accountable, and its latest segment focused on what the industry's largest association is doing to ensure the channel's voice is heard by the government

CAAMP chair: Association taking stock

CAAMP will take the opportunity to re-evaluate its future in the wake of its long-serving president and CEO’s departure.

Consumer web-portal a first for the industry

In what the company is referring to as a “first” for the industry, one mortgage network has launched a consumer-facing web portal.

Network head proposes recruitment code of conduct

Some might call it a “poaching proclamation,” but the head of a national broker network is proposing a code of conduct dictating the way brokerages recruit professionals at other firms.

AMP membership jumps

Broker beefs aside, CAAMP realized a whopping 10 per cent jump in AMP memberships during its last fiscal year, according to data released this week.

Who gets the bill for broker ad campaign?

Merix head Boris Bozic has joined the growing number of mortgage professionals endorsing the idea of a national advertising campaign, specifically focused on hawking broker wares to the largely uninformed consumer. That’s even as others look to mono-lines themselves to foot the bill.

CAAMP chair answers AMP critics

CAAMP’s chair is acknowledging, and even welcoming criticism of the AMP designation, and its qualifying standards, at the same time pointing to real progress – past and present – in strengthening it.

Mortgage Revolution takes on AMP designation

The head of a national broker network – and the “Mortgage Revolution” – is ramping up lobby efforts to increase qualifying standards for the AMP designation, arguing the barrier to entry is simply too low to promote industry professionalism.

Mortgage Revolution addresses need for bank 'specialist' regulation

The Mortgage Revolution is gaining momentum, with the man behind the grassroots campaign pointing to a Calgary meeting bringing together mortgage professionals and lenders to address industry shortcomings and challenges.

Cameron takes 'Mortgage Revolution' to Calgary

The Mortgage Revolution continues, with the CEO of Axiom Mortgage Solutions preparing to take his candid and often critical conversation on ethics, integrity and – in a troubling number of cases – the lack thereof to Calgary next month.