Calum Ross

Canadian banks accused of being 'oligopoly'

Could opening up Ontario to American banks reverse B-20’s adverse effects?

Long overdue beneficial ownership registry would curb money laundering

Canada lacks a publicly accessible ownership registry—a major reason money launderers exploit real estate to conceal ill-gotten gains—but that could change by month’s end in British Columbia.

Industry vets say syndicated equities needs licensing

Syndicated equities have been erroneously sold as syndicated mortgages

Should brokers be selling syndicated mortgages?

Syndicated mortgages are notorious for their regulatory gaps. Is this another that needs addressing?

Retirement nest eggs require diverse portfolios

In his book, The Real Estate Retirement Plan: An Investment and Lifestyle Solution for Canadians, Calum Ross maps out a modern retirement strategy for Canadians

Should mortgage professionals be prohibited from selling these?

A mortgage professional and a lawyer present their reasons for why this controversial product should or shouldn’t be peddled by mortgage professionals

Real estate investors, take heed

It might be time for Toronto and Vancouver real estate investors to think about selling

Delinquency rates low for large mortgage loans

The higher the amount borrowed, the less likely missed payments occur

A Finance MBA turns to the broker channel

It was a great experience with a broker as a client that drew Calum Ross, one of the country’s most successful brokers, to the channel

Good business people

A great experience as a client drew Calum Ross, one of the country’s most successful brokers, to the mortgage industry