UPDATED: CMAs 2010: Best Community Service Effort nominees

The 2010 CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards are a week away -- here is the updated finalist list for the Home Loans Canada award for Best Community Service Effort

Home Loans Canada Awards for Best Community Service Effort

Jennifer Rossides, LendingHand (RMAI) Orleans, Ont.
Raquel Welch, Genworth, Kingston, Ont.
Maria Dominelli, Invis, Victoria, B.C.
Jim Rawson, Invis, Mississauga, Ont.
Bruce Coleman, Invis, Vancouver, B.C.
Steve Somerville, Mortgage Intelligence, Niagara, Ont.
Brian Nason, Mortgage Architects, Hamilton, Ont.
Donna Ramsay, Mortgage Architects, Orangeville, Ont.
Peter House, Mortgage Intelligence, Belleville, Ont.

Correction: In the original version of this story, Jennifer Rossides was incorrectly identified as part of the Dominion Lending Centres network. She is, in fact, part of the RMAI network. CMP apologizes for the error.