Prospective investors can now access CMI MIC offerings via FrontFundr

More Canadian asset investment opportunities are now available through the online investment platform

Prospective investors can now access CMI MIC offerings via FrontFundr

CMI Mortgage Investment Corporation has announced improved access to its mortgage investment fund via the FrontFundr online platform.

“We are excited to join the FrontFundr platform and embrace the crowdfunding format, so our clients and investors can access our investment product that, in the past, was not available to them due to geographical restrictions and/or investment amounts,” CMI MIC chief operations officer Bryan Jaskolka said.

The COO added that FrontFundr’s convenient, intuitive user interface will assist new and experienced investors alike in exploring what CMI MIC has to offer.

The Ontario-based firm funds first and second mortgages in major Canadian cities, and specializes in offering investor access to diversified mortgages and high-quality real estate assets nationwide, all without “the hassles of direct property management.”

The crowdfunding opportunities afforded by FrontFundr will help CMI MIC gain greater capital for more client-facing ventures. CMI currently works with a diverse selection of public and private lenders, including banks, insurance companies, investment trusts, credit unions, private lending corporations, and many others.

“CMI MIC focuses on markets that are underpinned by strong economic growth fundamentals, yet provided with little liquidity by banks. This creates a gap in the marketplace where CMI MIC can capture a segment that is not filled by traditional bank lenders,” Jaskolka explained.

Earlier this year, the company had the distinction of being the first ever MIC to be listed on NEO Connect, which was also the first Canadian fund distribution platform designed for the purchase and redemption of mutual funds, all with the ease and efficiency of trading exchange traded funds.