Long-running apartment platform announces 21st century overhaul

Modern would-be renter problems require modern solutions

Long-running apartment platform announces 21st century overhaul

A premier apartment hunting platform has announced its major revamp and new tech additions to fulfill the needs of the modern market.

RentCanada, a venerable apartment search guide that has been online since 1996, stated that its listing site will incorporate “a modern user experience and visually appealing design.”

Among this is a new map-based search, which came about due to more and more renters identifying the exact neighbourhoods that they prefer in the first place.

Another option can help would-be renters narrow down choices based on rent costs, available amenities, number of bedrooms, and other criteria.

“We put a lot of thought into making the apartment search process quicker, easier and more accurate for the renter,” RentCanada co-founder and president Robert Pudavick stated.

More importantly, a new landlord profile feature will give hopeful renters the opportunity to do more in-depth research before committing to a room.

“To create this platform, RentCanada™ partnered with Canadian tech company Landlord Web Solutions (LWS). LWS provides software and marketing services for the rental housing industry,” the platform announced. “The partnership with LWS will give RentCanada™ access to the largest database of apartments in Canada. That means more choice for renters, and better results for rental companies.”

“By combining better technology with access to more content, RentCanada™ aims to become the tool Canadians go to first when searching for their next apartment.”