Properly launches online home price prediction tool in Calgary

Firm claims tool "predicts selling price with 99% accuracy"

Properly launches online home price prediction tool in Calgary
Duffie Osental

PropTech firm Properly has announced the launch of a free online tool for homebuyers in Calgary that provides “on-demand” predictions of a home's selling price.

Properly’s ProperPrice tool is a “no-obligation” service that uses machine learning to “look at hundreds of influencing factors, including historical sold data, property details, and proximity to services such as schools, hospitals, and other facilities.”

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“On average, ProperPrice predicts selling price with 99% accuracy,” the company said in a statement. “The ProperPrice report is part of Properly's recently launched home search tool, which in addition to pinpointing home values, allows homebuyers to take control of all aspects of the real estate process, including the discovery, purchase, and sale of any home in Calgary.

“We believe the real estate process should be empowering and predictable, not stressful,” said Anshul Ruparell, chief executive officer of Properly. “Properly uses technology to ensure that Calgarians know the ProperPrice of homes — so they can negotiate with confidence and never overpay for real estate. Access to this kind of information used to be restricted to industry professionals, but we're pulling back the curtain on true selling prices.”