How a sense of purpose toughens up a mortgage business

"It's exhilarating and fun"

How a sense of purpose toughens up a mortgage business

Moving forward with a shared set of beliefs and standards is crucial to the long-term success of any venture in the mortgage industry, as Bekim Merdita of Edison Financial can attest to.

“At Edison Financial, we live by our - isms - a set of core beliefs that guide our teams and our decision making,” Merdita told Canadian Mortgage Professional. “Great culture that is spread by great people with a common mission creates magic. For anyone who has ever been a part of an amazing team, they’ve experienced this level of synergy which is often difficult to describe.”

While it’s hard to put into words, Merdita believes that the results of having a common culture and mission speak for themselves.

“It’s exhilarating and fun for everyone involved. It allows our team to band together and work harder to achieve our goal of transforming the client experience when obtaining a mortgage,” Merdita said. “Since we began servicing clients in March of 2020, we’ve added over 100 additional team members in technology, sales, marketing, operations, and other areas.”

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In turn, a shared ethos helps a business build on its unique strengths, according to Kalson Jang of Premiere Mortgage Centre.

“I’m a firm believer that dedication to my clients and hard work is the solution to most adversity,” Jang said. “I’ve never been one to advertise, relying instead on word of mouth and on my reputation to grow my business. I always tell people who are self-employed the same thing – it may seem like ‘I’m working so hard, doing such a great job, none of this is working, I want to grow faster.’ But if you keep at it, eventually the hard work will pay off and when it does, it comes very quickly.”

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