Canadian software company partners with American POS solution

A cross-border partnership aims to help brokers on both ends of the mortgage transaction, saving time and preventing business from falling through the cracks

Canadian software company partners with American POS solution

Canadian software company BluRoot is rolling out an integration with Floify that is designed to provide end-to-end transaction support to Canadian mortgage brokers.

BluRoot’s BluMortgage application isn’t just a CRM; it was built specifically with pipeline management in mind, being able to capture leads early and providing a step-by-step process for broker teams to be able to follow to get clients through the pipeline. It does have features such as drip marketing, but the main differentiators for BluMortage are its pipeline focus as well as its analytic capabilities, which results in a rich data source for brokers.

Floify is a Colorado-based digital point of sale system provides automated notifications that go to borrowers when documents are missing—things that a broker would otherwise have to take the time to do manually. The system streamlines all aspects of communication surrounding document collection, saving brokers hours of time each deal.

“Whether you’re working in Floify or whether you’re working in BluMortgage, the information that’s available to you will also be available in the other system,” explains Tom Hall, product manager at BluRoot, adding that the information as it relates to the deal flow will be seamless between the two programs.

Floify was looking to build a bigger presence in the Canadian market and thought the integration with BluRoot was a good way to do that. The two companies have worked together previously on individual integrations, but it eventually became clear that by coming together, BluRoot and Floify could achieve their individual goals of expanding their product offerings and expanding into a new market, respectively.

Robert Martin, director of marketing at Floify, said that they’ve been going after the Canadian market simply because there are a lot of brokers here, and their software solution is still applicable north of the border.

“It was just one of those natural things to do,” Martin said. “We do have other CRMs but to cater The Canadian market is so made a lot of sense.”

BluMortgage is very much focused on sales and marketing, providing opportunities to interact with clients, record those interactions, and put together action plans. Floify, on the other hand, handles more of the deal flow, providing tools such as a document portal and a responsive online application that’s able to be branded and included on an individual broker website.

“As brokers are growing, they’re working with different members of their team and some stuff falls through the cracks. We just provide that structure that a lot of people seem to be needing,” Hall said. “We put it all together and can give the broker some really powerful tools to help run their business.”

Floify has more than one million users of their system, and Martin says that on average, about 55,000 loans go through their system each month, equating to around $15 billion in loan volume.

“[BluRoot is] a leader in their space as well, so it’s one of those really awesome partnerships that’s going to prove to be very valuable for brokers in Canada. It’s not one of those fly-by-bight situations,” Martin said. “We’re here to stay.”