Canadian Mortgage Professional unveils Top 75 brokers for 2022

Winners have thrived amid a difficult climate

Canadian Mortgage Professional unveils Top 75 brokers for 2022

The Canadian mortgage sector remained productive over this last year, with the same volume of business for many brokers across the country despite the persistence of the COVID-19 pandemic, emerging COVID-19 variants, and a rollercoaster of lockdowns. Now, Canadian Mortgage Professional (CMP) has identified this year’s top 75 mortgage brokers who stood out for their ability to navigate the sometimes harsh realities of the brokerage world.

CMP identified the best mortgage brokers in Canada this year by opening nominations in January. Eligible nominees had to be licensed and employed as brokers in 2022 and needed to submit a breakdown of their deals that included verifiable contact information, with all deals and volumes personally initiated and only including residential-based mortgage deals. Receiving over 200 nominations across Canada, CMP’s industry experts narrowed down the list based on specific, outlined criteria.

This year’s top mortgage broker list features Susanna Penning, a senior mortgage specialist at The Mortgage Advisors (TMA), where she has gradually built a team of six members under the brand, a boutique division within TMA that aims to become the preferred and most trusted mortgage agent team in Ottawa.

Find out more about Penning’s mortgage journey and achievements, as well as the rest of CMP’s top 75 mortgage brokers this year, by reading the CMP Top 75 Brokers 2022 report. Thank you to those who participated this year, and congratulations to all the winners.