Ontario-based brokerage executive on the fruits of decades of experience

Consistency is built on transparency and relationship-building

Ontario-based brokerage executive on the fruits of decades of experience

Nearly four decades of service in the mortgage segment has honed the industry skills of Jason Vyner, president and CEO of Ontario-based New Haven Mortgage Corporation, to a keen edge.

Having started way back in 1983, Vyner initially worked with his brother David under First Place Financial as a brokerage.

“I was in university at the time and my older brother David asked me to join him in the business he started in 1981,” Vyner told MBN. “He paved the way being the older brother as long as I could remember.”

In 1994, Vyner set up NHMC as an alternative equity lender. Since then, he and his organization have thrived through a sea of changes in the industry.

“The ‘valleys’ I have experienced over my four-decade span include the recession of 1989,” Vyner recounted. “However, the passing of my partner/brother nearly six years ago was by far the most challenging period. I had to reinvent myself both on a personal and business level and believed in both my brother’s and my vision to build NHMC to where it stands today.”

Vyner also cited the invaluable support and know-how of his staff as crucial components of NHMC’s longevity and success.

“The mortgage business changes, seemingly on a daily basis. It keeps you on your toes and requires one’s full attention,” Vyner said. “There is never a dull moment in the business and you continue to change, evolve, and focus on what is meaningful: borrower and broker retention.”

Vyner stressed that this consistency is achieved through transparency and relationship-building.

“When it comes to transparency, our terms and costs operate on a ‘what you see is what you get’ philosophy,” Vyner said. “Our rate and fees are based on our posted matrix and do not entail approximations. Relationship-building, which is also based on transparency, builds on trust and communication. This is where my focus is.”

Such robust foundations positioned NHMC as a reliable choice during the COVID-19 global crisis.

“I think the pandemic really cemented my vision of being ‘the Good Lender’. NHMC sprung into action by assisting dozens of borrowers who needed our help when the pandemic hit,” Vyner said. “It was very gratifying to say the least. We continue to work with the borrowers who want to help themselves and follow through on their obligations and agreements.”