Free agent fields offers

Camille Robotham has a unique perspective on brokering mortgages

Free agent fields offers

Camille Robotham has a unique perspective on brokering mortgages.

A former underwriter turned in-demand agent, she recently left Mortgages of Canada to explore new opportunities.

“There have been at least six offers on the table,” Robotham, an 18-year veteran, told “They’ve all been quite generous.”

In 2001, Robotham began her career at Scotiabank as a teller but quickly transitioned into the role of personal banking officer, getting her first taste of mortgages. Soon after, she became Scotiabank’s personal banking officer.

That was followed by a stint working with mortgage underwriters at Wells Fargo, where Robotham familiarized herself with the seemingly myriad documents that compose a single mortgage file. The next few years saw her move to CIBC and then Canadian Mortgages Inc., where she worked as both a mortgage agent and underwriter—an experienced that proved illuminating.

“When you start off in this business, you’re unsure of which questions to ask and you’re unsure of how to get a feel for the client, but the longer you do it you learn which questions to ask—credit history, income—but also which questions to ask in anticipation of certain problems that may or may not arise,” said Robotham. “I had the experience reviewing documents at Wells Fargo, but in this capacity I’m reviewing all kinds of deals, from A to B to private deals, and while putting files together I learned what different lenders look for and to provide them with the appropriate documentation.”

Robotham’s stock in the industry is high, in large part because of training workshops she runs for newer agents in which she teaches them how to package deals for A, B and C lenders, as well as the minutiae of pulling credit bureau information, ordering and reviewing appraisals, fulfilling lender conditions, dealing with compliance documents, and much more. Her three-hour workshop even comes with a course book.

“Since I started the workshops in March, I’ve been getting a lot more calls,” said Robotham. “It’s helped me significantly leverage my expertise and my knowledge to the industry as a whole.”