Brokerage debuts new look and name

In-house rebrand reflects continued growth, according to company

Brokerage debuts new look and name

Calgary-based Axiom Mortgage Solutions has revealed a new identity, rebranding itself as Indi Mortgage.

The change from Axiom to Indi Mortgage better reflects the company's evolution and its core value proposition within the Canadian home lending landscape, according to managing partner Gord Appel.

“We put a lot of thought into our new brand,” Appel explained in the company's press release. “The naming Indi [is] short for Independent. To the double i’s with different necklines showing our individuality, while at the same time showcasing our commitment to providing a safe and dynamic place for our agents to call home, to the curved lines and updated fonts… what I am most proud of is that this rebrand was done completely in-house, from conception to launch.”

The rebranding effort includes a new name, symbol, logo, and a complete revamp of their visual style.

"Our new brand identity will set us apart in the minds of the Canadian mortgage borrower, mortgage agent/broker, our industry partners, and competitors,” said Tanya Appel, vice president of marketing and communications at Indi Mortgage. “Our new brand identity is more than just a logomark and font. It’s a representation of who we are, what we value, and where we're heading next."

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“We begin and end with people. We believe in putting our stakeholders at the centre of all we do, operating with integrity and the willingness for collaboration and a shared vision,” added Gord Ross, managing partner at Indi.

Indi Mortgage continues to expand its reach in the West, especially in the Ontario market. The company has grown its team to over 300 agents across 18 offices nationwide.

“At the end of the day, we care for our brokers (agents) like they’re our client,” Gord Appel said in an exclusive interview with MPA in 2020. “Market conditions aside, the lender relationships we have established allow us to be competitive in any landscape. The ground is level, and we have an advantage. Now it’s about supporting the individuals who will go to bat for us; and there’s never a better time to grow that team than right now.”

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