Back to the drawing board

When Damian Wickie isn’t brokering deals, he’s most likely designing another world

Back to the drawing board

Damian Wickie developed an interest in animation in the early days of the internet. The Toronto-based broker and owner of Branch Financial spent hours pouring his interest in tech and design into “playing around with website design as a hobby; it was something to do that was totally different to my day job.”

Despite the fact that Wickie never had any ambitions to turn animation into a career, his company, Wolfzone Digital, has done a thriving trade, regularly winning contracts for training animations, explainers and promo videos.

But the main point of this ancillary business, Wickie says, is the creative outlet it provides. “I enjoy creating something from nothing, whether it’s a character or a scene, and seeing it come to life,” he says. “When other people enjoy my work, that’s the best part for me. And the work itself helps me relax and stay centred; it’s something I do for myself.”