Capital Direct

Office address: Suite 305, 555 - W 8th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z 1C6, Canada 
Year established: 1997 
Company type: Financial services 
Employees: < 10 
Expertise: Residential mortgages, home equity loans 
Parent company: N/A 
CEO and key people: Richard Nichols, President 
Financing status:

Capital Direct is a non-traditional private lending company based in Vancouver. The company specializes in home equity and residential mortgage financing. It caters to clients in different credit situations. The company also holds offices in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Charlottetown, Halifax, and Moncton. 

History of Capital Direct 

Capital Direct was founded in 1997 and has rapidly grown into one of Canada's leading non-traditional private lending companies. It works with banks, trusts, and other lending sources to help individuals in purchasing properties and obtaining the best possible mortgage solution. With offices across major cities, the company has made significant strides in the mortgage industry, lending millions of its own funds every month. 

Products and Services of Capital Direct 

Capital Direct offers a range of products and services, each tailored to meet the varying needs of Canadian homeowners: 

  • home equity loans: focused on helping clients access the equity in homes for financial flexibility 

  • residential mortgage financing: catering to individuals in diverse credit situations 

  • Capital Direct Flexi Line: A flexible line of credit that allows homeowners to borrow and repay loans at their own pace 

  • first and second mortgages: specializes in both primary and secondary mortgage financing 

  • loans for self-employed individuals: tailored mortgage solutions for self-employed clients 

  • loans for corporate and international clients: extending services beyond the typical residential scope 

  • financing for various property types: includes mortgages for single-family dwellings, condos, recreational properties, multi-unit residences, farms, and vacant land 

Culture at Capital Direct 

Capital Direct’s culture is deeply rooted in community involvement and giving back. Under the leadership of Richard Nichols, the company has actively participated in different community initiatives, including Cause We Care – a foundation that aims to help single mothers achieve economic security. This demonstrates a commitment to creating a positive future for the communities it serves. This culture of community support and volunteerism is a fundamental part of Capital Direct's identity. 

About Capital Direct President Richard Nichols 

Richard Nichols has been serving as the president of Capital Direct since 1997. He is considered not only as a visionary leader in the mortgage industry but also an active participant in community welfare. His involvement with Cause We Care and other charities such as Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland and the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation highlights his commitment to social responsibility and community development. 

Nichols also serves as director of CKNW’s orphan fund. He earned his MBA in Finance from the University of British Columbia. 

The future at Capital Direct 

Capital Direct’s strong focus on customer needs, community involvement, and a diverse range of financial products make it well-equipped to adapt to the evolving mortgage industry. These efforts also enable the company to maintain its position as a leader in Canada's mortgage sector. 

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