Coaching and mentoring, training programs designed to maximize growth potential, and virtual and in-person education are a few examples of the employee development strategies this year’s Top Mortgage Workplaces are using to engage and grow their workforces. All but one Top Mortgage Workplace provides training for new hires at the outset; the programs range from 30-day one-on-one training to two months of paid theoretical training and shadowing. One organization even operates a six-month onboarding program, followed by one-on-one mentoring and accountability groups.

Another company described its training as “a series of comprehensive sessions [that] serve to familiarize employees with the roles and responsibilities of the many functions in the company, but also to introduce the leadership team that will support them during their time here.” During their first week, new hires at the company attend everything from team lunches and product demos to business and industry overviews and coffee with the CEO.

Other organizations have created their own in-house training programs to supply employees with access to the tools and resources needed to advance their careers. And companies without in-house training options often reimburse employees for educational expenses. “Each employee has a monthly training budget to purchase learning resources, and each department has an educational budget to cover costs for courses employees want to take,” one Top Mortgage Workplace reported. “One hundred per cent of costs are covered if the training is directly related to their job, and 50% is covered if it’s indirectly related.”

How often does your organization conduct performance reviews?
Once a year: 25%
Twice a year: 50%
Quarterly: 16%
Monthly: 6%
Other: 3%

Does your organization offer training at onboarding?
Yes: 97%
No: 3%

Does your organization offer any continuing education programs or reimbursement?
Yes: 69%
No: 31%

Does your organization offer career path planning or programs?
Yes: 59%
No: 41%

How often does your organization update technology?
More than once a year: 69%
Yearly: 16%
Every two or three years: 6%
Others: 9%

Does your company offer marketing support?
Yes: 66%
No: 34%