Headquarters: High River, AB
Leadership: Yousra Jomha, founder and mortgage broker

CMP: What do you think is the biggest advantage of being an independent brokerage?

Yousra Jomha, founder and mortgage broker: One of the biggest advantages of being independent is being built one tear at a time; it’s self-explanatory. In an industry that is competitive, being independent allows me to focus on the specific needs of each client. In a day and age where consumers find themselves lost in a queue of 1-800 numbers, when my customers call in with questions, I help them through everything, ensuring a personalized, professional approach that streamlines the process for them. Consumers are not at the mercy of bureaucratic processes they are unfamiliar with; they are in my hands from start to finish.

CMP: What are you looking forward to in 2020?

YJ: What I want to see in 2020 may be controversial, but it’s the truth: I want to see lenders and BDOs start concentrating on relationship-building back with the brokers, including the small independents. The most important element in any service-based industry is the quality of relationships and the services we are able to create and provide consumers with.

In our industry, there are lenders who deny access to their products and services based on the amount of transactions or volumes, or lack thereof. This issue undeniably limits small brokerages, but also the collective capacity of independent brokerages all across Canada to provide consumers with loan options and products that may be most advantageous to them and that, consequently, are in their very best interest. As an industry, we need to nurture business relationships that reflect our commitment and responsibility [to the customer]. This type of treatment to small brokerages is unfair and detrimental. Let’s make 2020 fair for all industry members and concentrate on quality more than quantity.