Headquarters: Ajax, ON
Leadership: Kirk Bryan, principal broker; Cshandrika Bryan, controller; Roberto Sanabria, director of sales; Paulette Bryan, director of operations and compliance; Germaine Bryan, advisor and vice-president of insurance operations

CMP: What do you think is the biggest advantage of being an independent brokerage?

Kirk Bryan, principal broker: The freedom.

CMP: What do you do to cultivate your brand and make it memorable for clients or differentiate yourself from other brokerages?

KB: Our company is grounded by faith and driven by family, and our focus is the customer experience. Our philosophy is that our clients are our family.

CMP: What are you most proud of from 2019?

KB: It was a great year. We purchased our new location, we added insurance to our list of offerings, and we sponsored a hockey team.

CMP: What are you looking forward to in 2020?

KB: Our growth as a company and our commitment to helping our community by teaching financial literacy and the importance of generational wealth.