Headquarters: North York, ON
Leadership: Rakhee Dhingra, CEO, broker

CMP: What do you think is the biggest advantage of being an independent brokerage?

Rakhee Dhingra, CEO: As an independent brokerage, we have the freedom to deliver more value to our clients than the banks ever could. Our goal is to build lifelong relationships with our clients, paving the way for their long-term financial success. We do this by providing continued support, advice and preparation for their next move or investment, and in turn, this creates a pipeline for repeat business and referrals.

CMP: What do you do to cultivate your brand and make it memorable for clients or differentiate yourself from other brokerages?

RD: We lead with our hearts and get to know our clients on a personal level. We spend time with them in their homes, getting to know their families so we can truly understand their ‘why.’ We earn their trust so they feel confident making the biggest financial decisions of their lives.

It’s a responsibility I take very seriously, which is why we have such a strong focus on education. But we’re not just there as a financial concierge – our clients become an extension of our family, and we’re able to execute deals that other lenders can’t because we’re so tapped into their lives.

CMP: What are you most proud of from 2019?

RD: I never expected Mortgage Savvy to become what it has. We grew so quickly; I didn’t have the chance to slow down and appreciate the lessons learned along the way. I dedicated 2019 to honing those discoveries, and in doing so, we achieved record growth and volume with a significantly smaller team.

The business is now communicating what I’ve always wanted. We are getting leads based on our knowledge and our trustworthiness by staying humble and true to our vision. Trust me when I say, the kind of transformation you face during your toughest moments will open the door to incredible growth.

CMP: What are you looking forward to in 2020?

RD: I believe that when you’re focused on relationships, numbers become irrelevant. Our success is a byproduct of doing what we love to do, and I look forward to building even more incredible connections moving forward. We’re already transacting with new Realtor partners and seeing incredible growth.

On a personal level, I’m more committed than ever to inspiring my daughter to chase her dreams, and what better way than developing workshops and masterminds in collaboration with other female entrepreneurs? I feel like our hard work is paying off, and the big hopes and dreams we’ve had for this business are coming to fruition this year. I can’t wait to see where it takes us next.