28. Alex McFadyen, DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts

28. Alex McFadyen, DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts

Company: DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts
Location: British Columbia
Total volume: $106.37 million
Loans funded: 258

CMP: What was your primary strategy for growing your business in 2019?
Alex McFadyen:
Partnerships within the industry and continued focus on our purchase market, even in a slow market. I realized quickly that our business has evolved so much, and in order to stay successful, we needed to focus on just being better all around when it comes to proper wealth planning. Additionally, we focused our energy on doubling down on our consumer education, which we believe strongly in.

CMP: Do you think consolidation will be a significant factor in the industry this year?
Significant? No. Will it happen? Yes.

CMP: How do you think the industry needs to change to better serve both brokers and consumers?
Continued focus on adapting to new technology, with a focus on what is actually best for consumers.