Top 10 Commercial Brokers 2015

In its fourth year, CMP’s top commercial brokers list features a number of familiar faces – and a few new ones you’ll want to keep an eye on.

Top 10 Commercial Brokers 2015
TO MAKE it as a commercial broker, you have to have a lot of drive, determination and patience. Commercial brokers go over  their deals with a fine-toothed comb, putting months of effort into closing each one. And even the most stringent effort is no guarantee of success; often, commercial deals collapse at the eleventh hour.

Nonetheless, the perseverance displayed by these 10 brokers has paid off; they’ve built books of business and reputations to be envied. This year’s top 10 reported a combined $1.16 billion in deals funded in 2014. That’s a spike of more than $344 million year-over-year. And the number-one broker reported a staggering personal year-over-year jump of more than $102 million.

Those are impressive numbers, but they don’t capture how many dollars were lost on deals that fell through at the last minute, or long hours of work put in to get clients the best value possible. On the bright side, the volumes also don’t immediately convey the size of the reward for commercial specialists. Still, if you asked any of our top 10 brokers, they’d say that all the effort is worth it.

More than $150 million

1. Mike Chiu - Capital West Mortgage
2. Rena Malkah - CYR Funding
3. David Beckingham - Dominion Lending Centres Commercial Capital

$150 million -$90 million

4. Sally Kwan - TMG The Mortgage Group
5. Omid Jalili - OMJ Mortgage Capital
6. Andrew C. Bennett - Nexus Investment Corporation

Under $90 million

7. Brennan Wood - Foundry Mortgage Capital
8. Harry Tyson - Dominion Lending Centres Innovative Mortgage Solutions
9. Neil Shopsowitz - Dominion Lending Centres Commercial Capital
10. Praful Lakhani - Verico Northwood Mortgage