Matthew Gottfried, INVIS

Matthew Gottfried, INVIS

Mortgage agent


Age: 32

Years in the industry: 3

Matthew Gottfried started his career as a financial advisor for a major bank and managed to form strong relationships with local real estate agents during his six years there, which helped him when he decided go out on his own and enter the mortgage industry. The change was a big risk for Gottfried, whose wife was expecting twins at the time.

“Leaving the bank, where I had a steady paycheck, to create something bigger was a big risk, and failure was not an option,” he says. “The risk has paid off, and it’s allowed my family not only more financial freedom, but also freedom with our time so I can be with the kids and watch them grow up.”

Gottfried’s approach revolves around educating his clients so they can make the best decisions for their situation. “Education is something that I focus on with each and every one of my clients,” he says. “I find that the more I can teach my clients about their mortgage options, the easier my job is, and eventually the question is no longer, ‘What is your best rate?’ but becomes, ‘What is the best mortgage for me?’”