Luke Robinson, Ibridge Capital

Luke Robinson, Ibridge Capital

Mortgage broker


Age: 26

Years in the industry: 3

Luke Robinson originally set out to become a financial advisor, but when he learned about the mortgage broker industry, he fell in love. “When I joined iBridge Capital and learned the benefits of private equity lending, they really helped me realize my full potential, and my business has taken off faster than I ever anticipated,” he says. “I find the deals extremely interesting and really enjoy putting together creative financing solutions.”

As for the biggest challenges in the mortgage industry, Robinson points to government intervention in the market. “The housing market should be more accessible than it is today,” he says. “All brokers are seeing clients that really should qualify for an A rate but just can’t. The tough mortgage rules were meant for Toronto and Vancouver, but unfortunately have heavily impacted the rest of Canada and have made it particularly tough for first-time buyers.”