Josh Dumencu, Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres

Josh Dumencu, Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres

Mortgage agent


Age: 28

Years in the industry: 3

After owning and operating a home renovation company for five years, Josh Dumencu made the transition into the mortgage industry. “I have always had a passion for real estate, and it has played a role in my family for many years,” he says. “It has given me the opportunity to meet many amazing people and be a part of my clients’ home-buying journey.”

In just three years, Dumencu has already made waves in the industry. In 2017, he won DLC’s Excellence Award and followed it with the Gold Award in 2018. He was also a finalist for Best Newcomer at the 2018 Canadian Mortgage Awards.

Now, Dumencu is committed to sharing his experiences with his community. He is a founding member of a local networking group in Sudbury, Ontario, that connects local business owners to build strong relationships. The group also raises funds for scholarships to help students in the community attend local colleges and universities.