Joseph Fooks, JV Capital and Mortgage Automator

Joseph Fooks, JV Capital and Mortgage Automator



Age: 34

Years in the industry: 15

Joseph Fooks has always been passionate about financing, and after seeing how difficult it was for people to obtain it, he felt he could really make a difference. Originally starting out as a broker, Fooks eventually decided to enter the private lending sector and then went one step further by developing Mortgage Automator, software that aims to simplify all aspects of the process for lenders.

As the owner of both JV Capital and Mortgage Automator, Fooks has plenty of accomplishments under his belt, but there are two that stand out for him. “My first was reaching $100 million in funded private mortgage volume for JV Capital last year,” he says. “Mortgage Automator won the 2019 MAE Innovator of the Year Award. Being recognized by the industry in our first year of operation was a fantastic professional accomplishment.”