Jason Anbara, Mortgage Alliance

Jason Anbara, Mortgage Alliance

Mortgage agent


Age: 33

Years in the industry: 3

Like many of this year’s Young Guns, Jason Anbara was motivated to enter the mortgage industry by a desire to help people. “I really enjoyed the financing world and soon realized that helping individuals get financing approval on their dream home was an ideal mix,” he says. “My love for this industry grows daily, and I have met so many fantastic people along the way.”

Anbara has also had no shortage of success. In less than two years in the industry, he was among the top 1% of Mortgage Alliance agents in Canada. He was also a 2019 CMA finalist for Alternative Broker Specialist of the Year – Business for Self. “It is truly inspiring to see my ability to grow while doing what I love,” he says.

Anbara believes that to be successful under the new mortgage rules, industry professionals must maintain a high level of creativity. “Whether it be through private lending or understanding the individual lenders’ specific guidelines, the ability to get clients approved takes lots of persistence and unique case-by-case solutions,” he says.