Hashem Aboulhosn, Lendesk Technologies

Hashem Aboulhosn, Lendesk Technologies

Chief financial officer


Age: 32

Years in the industry: 4

After starting his career at RBC Capital Markets, Hashem Aboulhosn entered the mortgage industry when he joined Alex Conconi, a former CMP Young Gun, as a partner at Conconi Growth Partners [CGP]. In 2015, Aboulhosn assumed the role of chairman of Neighbourhood Holdings, one of the many companies under the CGP umbrella, which he still holds. Three years later, he took on the role of CFO of Lendesk, a mortgage system designed to help brokers to streamline their processes, documents and applications.

Aboulhosn pinpoints his proudest professional accomplishment as “being able to learn from talented teams and perform well in many different settings like mortgage lending, mortgage technology and venture capital.”