68. Janna Dawdy, RMA JC Mortgages

# 68 JANNA DAWDY Company: RMA JC Mortgages

68. Janna Dawdy, RMA JC Mortgages

Company: RMA JC Mortgages
Location: Ontario
Total volume: $58.87 million
Loans funded: 184

With more than two decades of experience in the banking and financial industry, Janna Dawdy has formed hundreds of lasting professional relationships with her clients and has stayed true to her core values of serving all of her clients with a professional work ethic, honesty and an unwavering desire to find the best solutions for their individual needs.

She offers other brokers some advice on how they can grow their own business: “Stay consistent to your business plan and your marketing year after year. Even when you think it’s not working or going unnoticed, it will. It can sometimes take two to three years to see the fruits of your labour, but you will see the rewards if you stay consistent."

FSCO license: M08001311