Marcel Ghazouli, Mortgage broker, Premiere Mortgage Centre

Marcel Ghazouli of Premiere Mortgage Centre is part of this year's Canadian Mortgage Professional's Hot List

Marcel Ghazouli, Mortgage broker, Premiere Mortgage Centre

Premiere Mortgage Centre’s PLUS [the Program that Lets U Sell] initiative was a highlight for Marcel Ghazouli in 2018. Ghazouli built PLUS, a virtual fulfillment program that now manages more than $400 million in mortgage volume for 16 agents, designing every aspect of the program to allow agents to focus more on growing their customer and referral base.

“The story that stands out most for me is when one of the agents on the program said, ‘I can have breakfast with my daughters now’ in response to a question about how the program has changed his life,” Ghazouli says. “From a business perspective, expanding the program to our partner brokerages in the West and their team is especially gratifying – with an average annual increase of 20% in mortgage volume per agent, we feel confident that we’re on the right track.”

For 2019, Ghazouli expects the team to achieve a 100% increase in volume, based on current projections that expect significant growth from expansion to brokerages in the West, in addition to maintaining organic growth in the East.