Ameera Ameerullah, CEO, Canada Mortgage and Financial Group

Ameera Ameerullah of Canada Mortgage and Financial Group is part of this year's Canadian Mortgage Professional's Hot List

Ameera Ameerullah, CEO, Canada Mortgage and Financial Group

Named Alternative Broker Specialist of the Year at the Canadian Mortgage Awards, Ameera Ameerullah launched a new fund in 2018 that offers a diversified risk-adjusted portfolio for investors and gives borrowers an option access capital at a good rate.  

“It was essential to stay calm in an unsettled market and align ourselves with credible platforms locally and internationally to improve aspects of the business for both investors and borrowers,” she says. “[This has meant] revising strategies when needed, learning from other successful people and not being afraid to change or switch proverbial gears if required to attain better results.” 

For 2019, Ameerullah is seeking to grow her business further by focusing on specific target markets and increasing networking platforms. She will also focus on improving volume with lenders while raising capital for Canada Mortgage & Financial Group’s new Limited Partnership Fund to service the alternative sector in residential and construction finance. “We see 2019 as a stellar year,” she says, “launching new programs/divisions and hiring a full staff composite to handle the anticipated growth results of CMFG.”