Lend Capital – “Mass vaccination is the way forward for business”

Commercial lending platform head of third party says the impact of lockdown on small business is undisputed

Lend Capital – “Mass vaccination is the way forward for business”

When it comes to vaccinating against COVID-19, Lend Capital is pro-choice – but it’s also pro-acceleration through COVID-19. This is one reason why the commercial lending platform has launched an initiative to encourage as many brokers as possible to get the jab.

The other reason is climate change – an issue that has largely been pushed aside in Australia as the country has dealt with the challenges of the pandemic. According to Lend’s head of third party Donelle Brooks, tackling climate change is something the industry was very focused on before COVID hit our shores.

“We really want to raise the issue again because we think it is something that has been forgotten,” she told MPA. “The devastation we see through fire, flood and drought that we have in this country - I think it’s good to make sure that it is still sitting there in people’s brains.”

As part of the “Get the jab. Save the planet” initiative, Lend will plant a tree for every broker that gets vaccinated throughout August 2021.

“We developed the campaign to recognise community and promote wellness and economic recovery and the underlying foundation is sustainability,” she said. “The impact on small business in Australia is undisputed and we see the impact on a daily basis, so we’re highly motivated to contribute any way we can to support business recovery. We know globally, it’s recognised that a mass vaccination program is key to reopening and getting back to a new normal.”

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The struggle of business throughout periods of lockdown has been different depending on industry, with those in retail being particularly impacted, she said.

“Accessing different types of finance has become important for businesses - and understanding the impacts of different types of finance and how they may be able to support their business through this time,” she said.

This is particularly true for those who have needed to shut up shop due to restrictions, she added.

“That’s heavily reliant on this vax program,” she said.

While there has been some negativity on the issue of vaccination recently, Brooks said she anticipated the majority of brokers would respond positively to the program.

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“Most of the experience is positive and proactive and that’s because brokers understand we need that proactive behaviour to accelerate through COVID,” she said. “We’re definitely pro-choice but we’re also pro-acceleration through COVID. This program, we hope, is going to bring a sense of achievement and unity. I personally, and we as a group, respect everyone’s personal choice and we hope that the broker community will be respectful of ours to promote vaccination.”