Your ultimate personal marketing and sales tool

Excerpt three from David Ham's book on broking reveals a lead generation tool that might make all the difference to your marketing strategy

Your ultimate personal marketing and sales tool

Below is an excerpt from Chapter 22 of Mortgage Broking: Lead Generation and Sales Mastery by David Ham. You can get the whole book for FREE here.

As Mortgage Brokers we are selling ourselves as the financial expert who is best placed to get a great home loan for our potential clients.

The problem is that every other broker out there of them is promoting themselves as that expert. In in my own home postcode alone there are about 30 FBAA and MFAA members!

So when every broker is saying they are the best, most trustworthy, most experienced, and so on – how can they possibly know who to choose.

How can you stand out?

The answer for me was to write The 7 Easy Steps to Mortgage Freedom, a 200+ page, professionally produced book. As far as my clients are concerned, an author is the very definition of an authority.

There is a big difference to how people see you when you can instantly prove you are an authority by handing them a copy of your book than simply telling them you are, like every other broker does.

A book is ideal for current business owners who want to increase sales. It not only positions you as an authority, but elevates your business as well. Not only does a book increase conversions because people trust you more, it also acts as a lead generator.

I finished the book in July 2015, and in combination with the marketing systems I have built around it, it is absolutely the culmination of everything I’ve learned about marketing in the mortgage industry. I’ve brought my Psychology degree, years of being a Broker and years more educating myself about the best marketing strategies, testing and implementing them and living with the real world results of those strategies.

This book was purpose written to be a lead generation tool and it moves readers to understand how and when they should use a Broker. It has since been further customised and personalised with new content and contributors to make it usable by individual Brokers under their own brands.

Many Brokers who are now working me use my book every day to get new clients and referrers.

Why do I call it the ‘Ultimate Personal Sales and Marketing Tool’? It: 

  • tells people you are an expert so you don’t have to
  • provides an instant boost in lead generation
  • is the perfect business card
  • gets opened when mailed
  • increases referrals from clients
  • has a great shelf life
  • gets more clients calling me instead of me calling them
  • warms up cold calls
  • tells your clients everything you want them to know
  • is a massive time saver
  • is true leverage
  • exponentially multiplies your advertising
  • sets the groundwork for a lifetime client
  • protects your client base
  • creates strong new referral relationships
  • increases referrals from referral partners
  • fosters reciprocity
  • is ‘Marketing by Stealth'
  • creates a ‘Category of One’
  • creates plenty of focused content as a by-product.
  • reduces price sensitivity
  • is the perfect tool for holding seminars and attracting people to them
  • gives direction to your marketing
  • is a great package to put your targeted marketing message inside

More than anything, what the book does it immediately change you being seen as just another salesperson, to being seen as their expert that they are lucky to know.