Why Zain Peart of ZEP Finance loves mortgage broking

This Top 100 broker says he gets plenty of joy from these two things

Why Zain Peart of ZEP Finance loves mortgage broking

Zain Peart decided to become a mortgage broker in 2009 and, since then, has never looked back. MPA spoke with the Lennox Head business owner about why he loves the profession as well as his most memorable client solution.

The birth of ZEP Finance

For Peart, timing and a love of property worked hand in hand to jump start his broking career 11 years ago.

“I was actually buying a property and was using an Aussie broker for the second time.”

Having studied finance, Peart found himself at a crossroads after the GFC. With an avid interest in property, he got to talking with his broker who told him he thought the role would suit him quite well.

He decided to jump right in and become a mobile broker for Aussie.

A couple of years later, he launched his own brand, ZEP Finance – ZEP being an acronym for his and his wife’s names, Zain and Emma Peart.

For the love of problem solving

He says the two things he loves most about broking are the joy that comes from helping clients as well as the problem-solving aspect that comes with more complex scenarios.

His most memorable scenario was a daughter and her parents who were tied together financially across five properties.

They wanted to separate their finances in order to move forward on their journey, but, after approaching six or seven brokers and lenders, hadn’t had any luck.

“The daughter owned a percentage of two of the parents’ properties, the parents owned a property outright that the daughter went guarantor on and the daughter owned a property that the parents were guarantor on.”

It took about six months to successfully untie everything, but he got there in the end and they are still his clients to this day.

The important of good processes

Time management has been one of the greatest challenges Peart has faced in his time as a broker – something he overcame after doing the Kaizen program with then CBA productivity coach Michael Zavelberg.

He says this enabled him to let go and stop micromanaging his staff.

“If you have the right processes you can be confident the right thing is happening.”

In his spare time Peart enjoys surfing and swimming with his family as well as creating sushi masterpieces for his friends.