New book casts Gen Y home buyers in a new light

The book shows how younger home buyers are defying perceptions

New book casts Gen Y home buyers in a new light

Tired of hearing about Generation Y’s inability to break into the housing market? Well, you’re not alone –Nathan Smith, director at Birdie Wealth, was fed up with all the negative perceptions surrounding the younger generation. Smith’s frustration was enough to inspire him to write “How Gen Y Buy” off the back of his podcast series that bears the same title.

“Every day, I help them [Generation Y home buyers] buy their homes and investment properties. These buyers are defying the odds and getting into the market,” Smith told MPA.

“The book is designed to empower first-time buyers to realise age is no barrier to buying, and their dream could be closer than they think.”

Many of the stories in the book are based on the experiences of Smith’s clients, which include singles, couples, self-employed professionals, and buyers who had been house-hunting for years. Smith wanted to weave together a variety of different, yet relatable, experiences to prove that there is really no reason why members of Generation Y can’t buy a home.

A key point that Smith underscores in his book is that while buying a property for the first time is indeed difficult, it is far from impossible. He learned that everybody sacrificed time and other luxuries to get into the market. And despite having different strategies, everyone was able to purchase their dream home. There is no one-size-fits-all, according to Smith.

Writing the book came as a new challenge for Smith. “Like most brokers, I’m great with numbers, not words,” said Smith. “I received plenty of support in drafting the book, and there was certainly a sense of accomplishment when I get to hold the hard copy.”

Despite a small price tag, the book has proven to be a great business tool that Smith uses for prospects. He has given away plenty of copies to people who are just starting their home-buying journey.

Smith’s colleagues are not quite sure how he was able to complete “How Gen Y Buy” while caring for three kids and managing a business, but they’re glad he did. And according to Smith, the people behind the stories always promote the book to family and friends. They’re proud to have their story told.

Next on Smith’s agenda is writing a book about building an investment portfolio. It will contain unique interviews with investors people can easily relate to.

“Instead of speaking to people with 50 properties, we will speak to clients with one to three properties, because I think people will be able to relate to those who are a few steps ahead,” said Smith.